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Welcome to HOLR Magazine, North America’s go-to source when it comes to what’s new and what’s trending right now. Headed by Ksenia Edwards (Editor-in-Chief) and owned by Neil Shelton (Publisher/Chief Business Officer), HOLR was founded in 2014, and is a leading publication in the fashion, lifestyle, and culture space. HOLR is influencing a generation of stylish and ever-evolving people to say, do and wear what they want.

So, where can you find HOLR? The answer is everywhere. HOLR offers a bi-annual magazine, in conjunction with our website, as well as our social channels and recently launched app! 

HOLR’s digital platform gives you a daily dose of trending news from around the world on all of your favourite topics through a specially curated collection of stories designed to leave you wanting more. 

HOLR’s print publication is readily available online as a digital-flipbook, where our international audience can subscribe to get an on-demand look at the latest issue. We also offer a print on demand option for subscribers interested in collecting the physical magazine delivered in a high-gloss format.

You can also find us on social media, where we post regular updates, in-feed pictures, and stories related to our top-trending articles.

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 Check out our talented team of leadership, editors, and writers below. We’re always on top of the latest trends to ensure we’re the first to report on what you’re looking for.