Brad Mondo and Sophia La Corte are making headlines. So what’s the truth?

Brad Mondo

Update: Brad Mondo is a very famous hairstylist. He always posts his different – different hairstyle skills on Instagram.

Are Sophia La Corte Brad Mondo dating?

Popular hair stylist, Brad Mondo, is keeping us guessing with his relationship status following viral videos of him and Sophia La Corte making their rounds online. The pair shocked the internet after teasing seemingly flirty images and posts of the duo together, which stirred subsequent controversy surrounding Mondo’s sexuality.

Is Brad Mondo dating Sophia?

Mondo added to the alleged controversy online after he seemingly commented on a photo of La Corte and Josh McGregor, as you can see in this TikTok video posted by user @ro_ro_712.


@Brad Mondo commenting on @Josh McGregor ‘s post with@sophia la corte #bradmondonyc #bradmondo #sophialacorte #outoftouchpodcast #joshmcgregor @Josh McGregor

♬ suono originale – spotify

TikToker @fameandfirepodcast also commented on the previous allegations surrounding the pair as a couple, in which she explains that the pair were likely working together.


@Brad Mondo Brad Mondo announces he’s straight – or does he??? #bradmondo

♬ original sound – Fame & Fire Podcast

After much speculation online, it looks like the pair seemingly aren’t dating- just hosting a podcast together. The duo dropped a podcast (Out Of Touch- @outoftouch_podcast) together earlier this year and people online attributed their recent “flirty” posts to being alleged PR for their latest endeavor.

The pair have released multiple episodes since

Brad Mondo and Sophia Kiss?

There is no evidence online to support claims that the duo kissed or are in a serious relationship.

Brad Mondo Dating Sophia Reddit

This Reddit thread discusses the controversy surrounding the pair being linked together- check out what some people had to say regarding their opinions on where the two allegedly stand (since we don’t have super clear answers):

“I think it is fake and just for the PR and hair product. Also, they were so over the top that it couldn’t have been real. Though her hair did look amazing lol”

“I don’t believe they are truly dating. They never say specifically. It’s a love story but it could just be a friendship with love.”

“In one video she’s showing off a straightener as his new hair product so I think it’s a play on words joke.”

There you have it- it isn’t clear where the two stand for sure, but they seem very friendly. People have speculated that they were likely just having fun teasing the internet with their relationship on social media to promote their latest podcast.

Brad Mondo Instagram:

Update: Brad is always active on his Instagram with Sophia, he posted a video with Sophia on May 21st, 2024. In the video they both doing advertising for rad- Supernova. They both dressed in black outfits. He put the caption: “Sophia’s proving how it’s never been easier to get brassy tones out of your blonde hair with Supernova!”

What do you think about the pair?

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