Kaz Crossley Drug Video

The Kaz Crossley drug video can be seen here. Kaz Crossley from Love Island season 4 has been thrown into a Dubai jail on suspicion of drug usage in 2020. A video of Kaz surfaced of her snorting what looked like white powder while she was visiting the United Arab Emirates in 2020.

Kaz had a stopover in Abu Dhabi while she was on her way to Thailand, when she was detained. The twenty-seven-year-old was taken into custody and thrown into a prison in Dubai that allegedly has horrid conditions.

Kaz Love Island Jail

Prior to her arrest, it has been revealed that the authorities in UAE were still investigating the video of her leaning over a table where white powder was visible. A source revealed that Kaz was on her way to Thailand to perform volunteer work and she is now in anguish in this Dubai prison.

According to a source, she was not allowed to make even one phone call but she was allowed to send an email. According to a Foreign Office spokesperson, they are “in contact with the local authorities following the arrest of a British national in the United Arab Emirates.”

Kaz Crossley Drug Video

Possession of drugs is a serious offence in the UAE and it is unclear how this case will be handled. We will update this article with more information as it becomes public.