For over a century Yamazaki has produced quality products inspired by life in Japan, where cities are dense, space is limited, homes are often small, and designs unhindered by flashy concepts or unnecessary aspects are essential. 

What began as a small business that manufactured ironing boards, is now a staple for home products that are trustworthy and unique. Some call Yamazaki the “Ikea of Japan” for its innovative and no-nonsense products. With multiple categories including kitchen, bed, bath, and furniture, Yamazaki pieces are made to simplify your home décor and organization. 

The brand obviously understands the importance of optimizing limited space in a smart way, so many of the products are designed tall and compact to take up less space. From towel racks to kitchen storage, the organizational solutions are perfect for those in smaller homes or those who just want a cleaner, sleeker home look. Yamazaki’s items don’t stop at organization, with beautiful and comfortable furniture pieces that are both easy on the eye and the wallet, as well as décor with purpose, such as their simply styled rugs in light grey and white tones. 

Students in dorms or small apartments, city-dwellers with limited space, and those who prioritize organization can all benefit from Yamazaki’s designs. With colours that are mostly black, white, and grey, Yamazaki’s products are made to fit in in almost every style of decorating. Whether a cool and absolute minimalism look, an interior design that plays with many shapes and colours, or a home that tries out various styles, Yamazaki products can have a place in every home and with every taste. 

A trusted brand in Japan, as it epitomizes the sleek minimalist style of the country, Yamazaki has already expanded to the United States and to Europe, bringing its signature minimalism to the world. The company also teases that Canadians may soon be able to order directly from Yamazaki’s website as distribution and availability continues to expand to more places around the globe. 

Currently available to Canada through Amazon or Zone Maison, here are a few examples of Yamasaki’s functional and aesthetically-pleasing products. 


$69.00 on Zone Maison 

Available in white or black, easily foldable, and built tall to take up minimal space. 


$78.00 on Zone Maison 

In matte black or white with a natural wood accent, this is portable and multi-functional. 


$66.00 on Amazon

Slim and lightweight, a great solution to crowded front hallways or to bring streamlined organization to a closet. 


$39.00 on Amazon 

With room for many different spices, oils, or herbs, this product is far less bulky than most spice racks, built stacked and can be carried around the kitchen. 


$26.00 on Amazon

Use it for rings and necklaces or paper clips and thumbtacks to streamline small object organization. 


$156.00 on Amazon

Fit it into tight spaces and roll it around the kitchen when you need it, the cart doesn’t compromise style for functionality. 


$118.00 on Zone Maison 

Sleek and available in black or white with natural wood, the perfect solution for storage with style.