Let’s Talk About The Willow Project, What It Is, What This Could Mean For The Environment and When The Willow Project Will Start

Let’s start with the main question… What is The Willow Project?

The ConocoPhillips’ Willow Project is an oil and gas development project located in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska on the North Slope of Alaska. The project is led by ConocoPhillips, a multinational energy corporation, and involves the construction of an oil and gas field, including infrastructure such as pipelines, roads, and drilling pads.

When Will The Willow Project Start Drilling

Now that the Willow Project has been approved by Biden, it can start drilling right away. However, drilling won’t likely begin for some time due to legal challenges. ConocoPhillips is rushing to start drilling as soon as possible because they can only do construction on the project in the winter months. If legal challenges block the Willow Project from starting before April, then it may be delayed for a year. 

Image Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images for This is Zero Hour

The Willow Project is expected to produce up to 160,000 barrels of oil per day at its peak, with an estimated recoverable resource of more than 500 million barrels of oil. The project is seen as an important part of Alaska’s economy, providing jobs and revenue for the state and the local communities.

However, the project has also faced criticism from environmental groups, who are concerned about the potential impacts on wildlife and the environment. The NPR-A is home to a variety of species, including caribou, grizzly bears, and migratory birds, and there are concerns about the effects of increased industrial activity on these populations.

ConocoPhillips has said that it is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the project and has implemented measures such as wildlife monitoring and habitat protection plans. The project has received regulatory approval from the US Bureau of Land Management, but legal challenges are ongoing, and the future of the project remains uncertain.

What Can You Do To Help?

It has been confirmed by CNN that the Biden Administration has approved the Willow Project which has caused quite an uproar from environmentalists.

Below we have attached petitions to sign in order to make a difference to the cause.

Biden Administration and ConocoPhillips: SAY NO TO THE WILLOW PROJECT!

Another way you can help this cause is to stay educated. Follow up with different credible sources and spread the word on what this means for the environment.

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