Browsing through beautiful images of serene getaways can turn from a passive google search, to a jolt of escapism in an instant.

Just as you are about to make the best impulse decision of your life, something stops you, something rather significant. Most times, the prices of beautiful private villas and resorts only make sense for a few of life’s occasions like a honeymoon, milestone birthday or once in a lifetime getaway. A destination set out to change this status quo has gotten our attention rather immediately.

Cambodia’s own Viroth Hotel provides a modern oasis that boasts a title of being “The Number 1 Hotel In The World” as voted by Trip Advisors latest report. Cascading tropical trees set the tone for a courtyard, a pool with details of 20-metre mosaic tiling, a dining area embellished with suede chairs of soft hues immersed within an indoor/outdoor design. There is no escaping the greenery that all of Cambodia has to offer, as if you’d even want to.

Have a look for yourself

The best part of all? Rooms begin at $99.

Bookings must be made directly through the Viroth Hotels website.


All images retrieved from VIROTH HOTELS.