Smoko is all about giving people a moment away from the keyboard and work and just be yourself and distress a little. The word Smoko comes from an Aussie slang for a short break from the daily grind, and that is exactly what Smoko wants to bring you with their products.

Smoko has the cutest and fun slippers to wear around the house, and here we have adorable options for you to see:

The Tayto Potato Heated Slippers

Smoko’s amazing USB heated slippers have returned, and this is in the form of their favourite potato friend Tayto! Back in his most cuddly form yet, the Tayto Potato USB Heated Slippers will wiggle their way into your heart as the must-have potato-themed accessory this cold season. In three easy steps, you will have cozier feet than you could ever imagine.

The Snoopy Heated Slippers

Feel a little bit nostalgic in these Snoopy USB Heated Slippers. Just plug Snoopy in and your toes will be toasty and warm in no time. Anyone without these iconic slippers, as Charlie Brown would say, is a total blockhead.

The Dumpling Heated Slippers

Slip your chilly feet into these warm and cozy Lil B Dumpling USB Heated Slippers. Plug in your Lil B Slippers to any compatible USB port, wait for them to heat up, unplug and wear around your cute, now warm-slippers!

The Astro Potato Slippers

Astro Tayto is coming in for a landing… Right where you need him most! Astro Tayto Potato is a Certified Space-Exploring Spud. And with this slippers are the most comfortable Astro Potato you’ll get. They come in three sizes: small (size US women 6-7), medium (size US women 8-9) and large (size US women 10-11).

The Pearl Boba Tea Plush Slides

Your favorite Pearl Boba Tea is back in Plush Slides! This are perfect to keep your feet nice, extra cozy and they’re adorable. They come in three sizes: small (size US women 6-7), medium (size US women 8-9) and large (size US women 10-11).

All and more products are available at, and Facebook shop.