From streetwear to Hollywood glam, Rihanna’s style has always been our favourite—and her maternity style is no different.

Rihanna in a pink puffer coat, jeans, and body jewelry

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On January 31st, she stepped out in a stunning half-buttoned hot-pink vintage Chanel puffer coat, and floor grazing split-hem jeans. Bejeweled multicoloured chains draped over her body, adorning her baby-bump as she walked hand-in-hand with her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky. Since then, the superstar has taken her own stylistic approach to maternity wear. 

“Fashion is one of my favourite things,” she said, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “So, you know, we’re defying what it even means to be pregnant and maternal.”

Here are a few of our favourite Rihanna maternity style moments:

All Black Everything 

RiRi consistently outdoes herself with every new outfit. Earlier in February, she wore a black Jean Paul Gaultier cardigan that laced up over her bump. She paired it with gold layered jewelry, a deep red lip, a cropped black jacket, stirrup leggings, and sunglasses.

Rihanna wears a black lace-up cardigan with black trousers, a black jacket, and gold jewelry.

Via @badgalriri on Instagram

Y2K Butterfly  

The star paired a classic Y2K-style butterfly top with low slung jeans, gold body jewelry, a camo-print baseball cap, a patchwork denim-and-leopard-print coat, and a casual diamond bra. Rihanna’s style comes through in the details, too, as she secured her strappy sandals over her jeans.

Rihanna in a Y2K ensemble with a butterfly top, jeans, and a patchwork denim and leopard print coat

Via @badgalriri on Instagram

Metallic Fringe

The renowned businesswoman dressed to the nines for a Fenty Beauty Universe event in a glittering metallic fringe ensemble from The Attico. She wore a lime green backless halter top and ombre silver-to-purple pants made of sequined metallic strands. As always, she adorned herself with statement gold body jewelry.


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Streetstyle Ace

Rihanna continues to embrace her favourite street style silhouettes with each new maternity look. At the 2022 Super Bowl, she wore a sheer blue button-up, gray baggy jeans, gold jewelry, a scarf, and sunglasses. She completed the look with a jacket with a yellow faux-fur hood trim and white closed-toe shoes. 

Rihanna in a sheer top, gray jeans, and a navy jacket

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Statement Red

For a pre-Valentine’s Day look, Rihanna stepped out in a red leather hooded coat, matching red eyeliner, ruby-and-diamond hoop earrings, and red strappy sandals. 

Rihanna in a red leather coat with A$AP Rocky

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Be My Valentine

While this wasn’t a Valentine’s Day look, Rihanna’s blend of a red heart-shaped coat with a jersey and brown tapered pants truly cemented her position as a style icon. She paired it with graphic patches, a long chain necklace, and white strappy sandals.

Rihanna in a red heart jacket, jersey, and brown pants

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Warm and Fuzzy

RiRi paired a fuzzy leopard print coat—left unzipped to show off her baby bump—with black trousers, mink-trimmed leather heels, an R-13 baseball cap, and gold body jewelry. A relaxed style statement. 

Rihanna in an unzipped leopard print coat, black pants, and mink-trimmed shoes

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Rihanna has always been a style icon—she consistently redefines industry trends and gives her own touch to streetwear looks. This holds true especially now, as the star experiments with the way she defines maternity style: she shows off her baby bump, adorns herself with gold body jewelry, and remains true to her striking streetwear persona.


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