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The Nickelodeon Documentary ‘Quiet on Set” has reignited Amanda Bynes fans to take a deep dive into some of the old, since deleted tweets that Amanda Bynes posted on her alias account. At the time, Amanda Bynes had a twitter account under the name Ashley Banks. Under this account she posted her ID to show people that it was really her and she revealed some shocking revelations of abuse by her parents and specifically her dad as well as her former Nickelodeon boss, Dan Schnieder.

Amanda Bynes Old tweets

Dan Schneider Amanda Bynes Child

One of the claims Amanda made is that her former boss, allegedly Dan Schneider, raped and impregnated her at 13 years old old. Amanda revealed that she did not have the child but instead had to get an abortion. She also claimed that her dad would physically and verbally abuse her, from calling her ugly to trying to suggest they engage in incest and stealing money from her.

dan Schneider Amanda Bynes child

Amanda Bynes Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes, once celebrated as a talented young actress with a promising career in the entertainment industry, has faced numerous personal struggles and legal entanglements in the public eye. From her early successes on Nickelodeon to her well-documented struggles with substance abuse and mental health issues, Bynes’ story has been marked by highs and lows, with the spotlight often shining brightest on her most tumultuous moments.

In 2013, amidst a highly publicized series of incidents and concerning behavior, Bynes’ parents petitioned for and were granted conservatorship over their daughter’s affairs. This legal arrangement, typically reserved for individuals who are deemed unable to make decisions for themselves due to incapacity or vulnerability, granted Bynes’ parents control over her finances, healthcare decisions, and other aspects of her life.

Ashley Banks Twitter

For years, Bynes remained under conservatorship, with periodic updates on her well-being and legal status making headlines. While conservatorship is intended to serve as a protective measure for individuals who are unable to care for themselves, it has also been the subject of intense scrutiny and criticism, particularly in cases where the autonomy and agency of the conservatee may be in question.

Amanda Bynes claimed in her old Tweets on the Ashley Banks account that she was only placed under this conservatorship so her parents could continue to steal money from her.

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