Is King Charles Abdicating The Throne To Prince William

With rumours swirling that BBC  in London have allegedly been told to be on standby for a big announcement coming from Buckingham Palace, people are speculating what the reason could be. Some online sources have said that the announcement will come by Wednesday at the latest and will likely have to do with King Charles and not the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton.

What Is The Buckingham Palace Announcement Today

While none of the claims have been verified the most common speculation we see online is that King Charles will be abdicating the throne. Kyle Marissa Roth on Tik Tok has stated that the Royal family and the teams behind them are allegedly in a constitutional crisis as there appears to be turmoil within the ranks of the RF. It is unclear if the announcement from Buckingham Palace will come today but Kyle Marissa Roth has expressed in her latest Tik Tok post that a source told her that King Charles allegedly has pancreatic cancer and will be abdicating the throne as a result of this. She also goes on to say that allegedly King Charles’s Wife, Camilla Parker Bowls, also has Parkinson’s with video footage of her at the coronation showing her hands shaking slightly.

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Is Prince William Going To Be King Soon

With talk of King Charles abdicating the throne, people are speculating that Prince William will become King much sooner than anticipated. However, in this video by Kyle Marissa Roth she also states that the same source told her that William and Kate are allegedly having marital issues as Prince William is allegedly into attending Eyes Wide Shut-type parties at country homes with other wealthy British elite, where he partakes in all of the activities there including substance abuse. It is important to note this source has not been verified and there is no proof to any of these claims.

What Is The Buckingham Palace Announcement Today

Who Would Be King If Charles Abdicated

That being said, Kyle Marissa Roth’s source is alluding to the fact that Prince William may not become King if Prince Charles abdicates and that they are looking for someone else that they trust to take that role as a Regency. The name that she mentioned as a potential front runner is Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester who the source alleges the Royal Family institution trusts more than Prince Harry. Again, none of this is verified and it seems that the longer the Royal Family’s comms team is quieter, the wilder the theories become.

What do you think the announcement from Buckingham Palace will be?

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