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A brain injury lawyer will advocate for clients or their loved ones who have suffered a traumatic brain injury at someone else’s fault. Medical expenses lost wages, and rehab costs from a brain injury can quickly add up, so choosing a competent brain injury lawyer can make the difference between winning and losing.  

Call a specialized lawyer to ensure you get the proper care and treatment after an accident resulting in a brain injury. A competent brain injury lawyer will be prepared to help clients win their cases and navigate the legal system. 

What Is a Brain Injury Lawyer? 

A brain injury lawyer specializes in medical law relating to accidents that result in brain injuries. Suppose a client or their loved one experiences a brain injury because of negligence. In that case, a brain injury lawyer will hold the negligent party responsible and negotiate the best compensation for losses. 

Brain injuries can result in many losses for clients, including the following: 

  • Lost wages 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Rehabilitation costs 
  • Caregiver costs 
  • Funeral expenses 

A brain injury lawyer will find the party at fault for the accident and seek legal recourse to help compensate for the financial losses from a non-fault brain injury. 

Essential Qualities of a Competent Brain Injury Lawyer 

A traumatic brain injury due to negligence from a company, manufacturer, or third party is a horrible experience. Hiring a competent brain injury lawyer is essential to negotiate the best settlements on your behalf. 

When seeking legal counsel, vet your choices by comparing each law firm’s qualities, like a thorough knowledge of brain injury law, fantastic communication skills, years of experience, and compassion.

1. Deep Understanding of Brain Injury & Medical Law 

There are a finite number of competent brain injury lawyers because an essential quality of a good one is a deep understanding of medical law and brain trauma injuries. 

Brain injuries can occur from lack of oxygen, penetration, or violent motion. A competent lawyer must gather all the medical evidence, so a deep understanding of medical law is a must-have to ensure nothing gets missed. 

Understanding the nuances of the law is how a competent lawyer wins cases and negotiates the highest settlements.

2. Stellar Communication Skills 

A great brain injury lawyer must have stellar communication skills in and out of the courtroom because much of the law practice is negotiating and coming to settlements and agreements. Lawyers also use their stellar communication skills to seek out expert witnesses that can further prove negligence and confirm financial and personal losses. 

When working with a competent lawyer, it’s refreshing to have transparent and clear communication. Law and medical law are complex fields, so you’ll be glad when your lawyer communicates complex concepts clearly and keeps you in the know about your case. 

3. Decades of Collective Industry Experience 

Alongside a deep understanding of brain injury law, decades of experience are a valuable asset of a competent brain injury lawyer. While no two brain injury cases are the same, an experienced lawyer will have a better aptitude and insight. 

Years of industry experience means your lawyer and law firm have prior knowledge of brain injury case law and the resources to handle the details of your case efficiently. 

4. Compassion and Emotional Intelligence 

Due to the nature of brain injury law, compassion and emotional intelligence are essential qualities in a competent brain injury lawyer. Whether your lawyer speaks to a jury, judge, brain injury patients, or doctor, compassion is crucial in understanding a client’s needs so a lawyer can advocate on their behalf best. 


There are ways to check if a lawyer is the right choice if you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury and needs a competent brain injury lawyer. Ensure that they have years of experience and practice with medical law, especially brain injury cases. Then, check that they clearly communicate with you and others around them. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.