Aspyn Ovard posted a new video featuring Parker Ferris, which has left fans wondering if the duo are really getting a divorce or not.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @yourfinestpardon, Aspyn posted a video featuring Parker recently which seemingly caused confusion among fans who thought the duo were getting divorced.


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Aspyn And Parker Divorce

As the TikToker notes, Aspyn filed for divorce on April 1st earlier this year, around the same time as the birth of their third daughter. The pair have not publically commented on the divorce, as the TikToker explains. They also have not shared anything on their public social media channels regarding the divorce.

Aspyn recently posted a video of Parker- found here– which shows Parker doing a morning routine along with the caption, “coming out of retirement to film his morning routine today.”


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Fans were seemingly left confused by this post as people left comments questioning the clip. However, the TikToker revealed that the couple has reportedly announced that they are pausing divorce proceedings while they allegedly wait on the outcome of the settlement. This has further confused fans who wonder whether the two are trying to work things out or not. Nothing has been officially confirmed and is all speculation right now.

However, some took to the comment section to explain what this could mean, as the couple did not announce it publically, it has just been revealed in court documents, allegedly.

Fans also took to the comment section to point out something interesting in the video- such as Parker reportedly not wearing his wedding ring in the clip Aspyn posted.

Others joked that this whole divorce drama could just be a delayed April Fool’s Day prank.

What do you think about Aspyn’s new video- do you think the duo are trying to work things out?

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