CBD has become an incredibly popular supplement option for many in recent years. An increased interest in CBD and its potential benefits has led to many people choosing to give it a try for themselves.

Much of CBD’s interest has come from several high profile media cases focusing on how CBD can be used as a natural alternative to certain medications. This has resulted in increased scientific interest and many studies looking deeper into the benefits of CBD.

What Can We Learn from Science?

As a result of CBD focused studies, people have become much more aware of how CBD can be used as natural supplements and the different ways it can improve health. One particular research project looked at how CBD can help to regulate the effects of anxiety and improve the quality of sleep.

Another area that has been at the center of CBD research is how it can be used to manage pain. One study found that CBD can be used as an effective form of pain treatment when used consistently. 

One thing that has been clear across the majority of studies is that the quality of the CBD oil used is a critical factor in determining its effectiveness. When looking to buy CBD oil, it is always best to stick to brands that use organic natural ingredients as they tend to provide the best overall quality.

So, what should you be looking out for when purchasing CBD oil to help you ensure that the oils you use are organic?

#1 – Listed Ingredients

All CBD oils should come with a full ingredient list as part of their labeling. While not always the case, many brands will state which of the ingredients used are organic. For example, Provacan is one such brand that highlights each ingredient used in its products, sourcing from organic farms.

The ingredients list is the first place to start when trying to determine whether a CBD oil is truly organic. With there being no reason why a brand would want to hide the fact that they are using organic ingredients, this list is usually a good indication of what is inside the bottle.

#2 – Lab Reports

Having read through the ingredient list of your chosen CBD oils and seen that at least a few of the ingredients are listed as being organic, a good next step is to check for lab reports. How easy these reports are to find will vary from brand to brand.

Some brands are very open about their lab reports and make them accessible to customers as part of the products web page. When a brand makes lab reports so easily accessible, as is the case with PureKana, it is usually a good sign that they are using high-quality ingredients that they are proud of.

Other brands might try to hide their lab reports either deep within their website’s maze or actually requiring you to contact them and ask for the report.

Within these lab reports, you should be able to see a complete compound breakdown of everything that goes into making your chosen CBD oil. Reports give you a much deeper look into CBD oil than a simple ingredient list can do.

#3 – Reviews

It is always worth checking the reviews for CBD oils before deciding to purchase them. Reviews allow you to see what other customers thought of any given oil and whether they found it to be a positive experience.

Reviews can also be a great way to see whether other customers found the ingredients used to live up to expectations you would hope for from organic oils.

#4 – Brand Information

Most brands will have a dedicated section on their website that discusses their key values and the way in which their products are made. It is common for brands to discuss the ingredients that they use and draw attention to the fact that they use organic ingredients.

It can also be useful to learn a little more about the brands that you are purchasing from as this will give you an idea of the overall quality you can expect.

#5 – How Ingredients Are Sourced

It can become increasingly common for CBD brands to provide detailed information about where they source their key ingredients. For example, PureKana discusses the type of CBD they use and the farms that they source their hemp plants from. Provacan is another brand that gives detailed information about where their raw ingredients come from.

Brands will highlight the fact that they work exclusively with organic farms and that the hemp plants used are 100% organic. Therefore, it is a good idea to look into where the ingredients for your chosen CBD oils are sourced from.


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