Actress Bhumi Pednekar opened up about the substantial expenses incurred by actors for their styling needs, shedding light on the financial aspects of looking picture-perfect on the red carpet.

The revelation sparks discussions about the industry’s high standards and the pressure on celebrities to meet them.

In a candid conversation with Ranveer Allahbadia, Bhumi Pednekar reflected on her early days in the industry, particularly after making her debut with “Dum Laga Ke Haisha.” She shared that following the success of her debut, where she clinched several Best Debut awards, she found herself navigating the glamorous world of Bollywood award functions. Remarkably, Bhumi disclosed that during this period, her friend, who happened to be a stylist, generously offered their services without charging a single penny for the initial two years. Recalling the humble beginnings, Bhumi nostalgically recounted how, in those early days, she would rely on her friend’s car to make grand entrances at the various award ceremonies and events she had to attend—highlighting the camaraderie and support that often lies beneath the surface of the glitzy Bollywood exterior.

The actor broke down the basic cost of styling and said, “Styling is a very big thing and it’s a very expensive process. If you think about it, your styling will cost around Rs 15k to 20k, the car rental will be around Rs 15k to 20k, and hair and makeup another Rs 20k. For a regular person spending Rs 75k to 80k for an event, which is basic, it’s a lot. How can I go to my mother and say do this? I hustled then and I hustle now for different things.” (also noted here) She also said- “I don’t care if my car is four years old. Maybe I will use it for few more years.” The actor stressed how her work is above everything else and added, “Over time I understood what kind of an actor I am. I love my craft. I enjoy it a lot.” On the work front, Bhumi was recently seen in the film Thank You For Coming. Also starring Shehnaaz Gill and Kusha Kapila among others, the film was helmed by Karan Boolani. (also noted here)

The glamorous appearances of Bollywood celebrities are carefully crafted by a team of professionals, including stylists, makeup artists, and hairstylists. The process involves selecting the perfect outfit, accessorizing, and ensuring that every detail aligns with the star’s image. Additionally, the continuous pressure to stay ahead in the fashion game contributes to the escalating costs associated with celebrity styling.

Bhumi Pednekar’s revelation hints at the unspoken expectations placed on Bollywood stars to maintain a flawless and fashionable public image. The competitive nature of the industry, combined with the scrutiny of the media and fans on social platforms, compels actors to invest significantly in their appearance. The need to stand out in a crowded field and make a memorable impression on the audience adds to the burden of these already high costs.

Published by HOLR Magazine.