Brian Laundrie the fiance and number one suspect in the murder of Gabby Petito has been declared dead by dental records. 

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Laundrie was a suspect in the case that took to social media back in September. The case involved himself and Gabby Petito. It was said that Brian and Gabby were on a national parks road trip when suddenly Gabby was no longer in contact with her family and hadn’t been posting on social media anymore.

As social media helped bring awareness to the situation, it was noted that Gabby hadn’t been in contact with her family since the end of August but Brian returned home on September 1st without her.

On September 11th her family asked the Laundries about Gabby and asked for cooperation, but instead, they did not, and Brian ended up going on a hike on September 13th.


It wasn’t until social media helped the situation and people were able to figure out the timeline of Gabby and Brians’s last whereabouts. On September 19th Gabby Petito’s body was found in Wyoming, and the coroner discovered she was strangled to death.

Brian wasn’t officially charged with her murder but became a suspect that the entire world was on the lookout for, including Dog the bounty hunter. Now, on October 20th, Brians’s remains were discovered on a reserve.

For days members of enforcement were searching for Brian with dogs and drones to help search the 30,000 arches of land. When Brians parents came to join the search, Brians’s father found a dry bag with belongings including a notebook that belonged to Brian.

Remains were eventually found and dental records confirmed that the body was Brian Laundrie.

Article published by HOLR Magazine