A disturbing video of a cat in a blender is circulating online causing outrage among users who have witnessed the content.

Cat Blender

An extremely distressing and disturbing video is making its rounds online of a cat being put in a blender.

Cat in blender video Twitter

The distressing video will not be linked within this article as it contains graphic and disturbing content. The video in question has gone viral online after being posted and is causing widespread outrage amongst internet users, as mentioned here. People who have viewed the distressing content of the video are appalled and saddened by the way in which the cat is being tortured.

Cat in blender incident

The incident that went viral is extremely disturbing. This video obviously goes against community guidelines on social media and features graphic, disturbing, and distressing content involving the torturing of a helpless animal.

Cat in blender video Reddit

The internet is obviously traumatized by the contents of this now-viral video and users are calling upon the person who posted the video to be held accountable. People on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media websites are condemning the actions being showcased in the video and have taken to their accounts to express their outrage, as noted here. Here is what some people had to say about the content as noted in this article.

cat in blender video

Image Credit: Twitter/SK POP

cat in blender video

Image Credit: Twitter/SK POP

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