Behind some of the most recognizable, widely admired buildings across Toronto and its world-famous skyline is Lanterra Developments. Bringing landmark luxury to all ends of the city, from The Rosedale, to Maple Leaf Square, Waterpark City, 1 Bedford,The Britt, and more, Lanterra’s signature brilliance can be found and admired at their newest luxury condo building, Natasha The Residences.

In the heart of Toronto’s Cultural district at 263 Adelaide Street West, the city’s hot spot for hospitality, entertainment, and culture, this 47-story luxury condo was designed with inspiration from the styles and aesthetics of public relations powerhouse Natasha Koifman. In a structure that embodies her chic, sophisticated, and iconic all-black-everything style, the Natasha The Residences carry with them a living mantra of “Turn Life On.” Between her longtime residences in New York City and Toronto, Koifman’s outlook on living life to the fullest inspires and echoes the energy and electricity of these vibrant cities. 

On September 1st, Lanterra Developments held the official launch of Natasha The Residences at Natasha’s Toronto home. The guest list had some of Toronto’s industry leaders ranging from city development rockstars like Barry Fenton & Mark Mandelbaum, to Canadian fashion figure Jeanne Beker, and the NKPR team.

Natasha Koifman with her husband and NKPR’s Creative Director Eric Hendrikx

Natasha Koifman with fashion icon Jeanne Beker


Much like the new luxury building itself, the launch party embodied Natasha’s chic, sophisticated, and iconic all-black-everything style. Not only were the guests dressed in black, but there were even chocolate based desserts, a black Hounds vodka based signature Natasha drink, and the Natasha The Residence logo floating in the pool. Natasha is no stranger at remaining true to her authentic self and style with everything she does as we see in her as a person, her company NKPR, her events, and even condominiums! 

“Our Lanterra Developments team saw an opportunity to create an iconic building that would  capture the style and energy of Toronto’s Cultural District, while meeting deep-rooted desires in  the community to live life to its fullest and enjoy everything the city has to offer,” says Mark  Mandelbaum, Chairman of Lanterra Developments. “Natasha Koifman became a clear  inspiration for this theme through her chic style, adventurous city living, and entrepreneurial spirit.  This will translate to inspirational design, sophisticated amenities, and contemporary suites that  elevate social experiences while complementing work-life integration.” 

Toronto is known for luxury condos with a similar pallet of architectural and design features. The Natasha Residences stands out not just for being different, or for fitting into the Toronto aesthetic, but for doing both.

Don’t miss your chance to check out Natasha The Residence here or see the masterpiece in person at 263 Adelaide Street West. 

Published on Holr Magazine