How many times have you been told that this brand or this line is the next best thing in makeup, yet it did the exact same thing as the last and cost you twice as much? Well, Charlotte Tilbury, the iconic makeup artist has truly created a pallet like no other. 

You might ask how, well Charlotte’s career was centred around the ’90s with iconic models and It girls like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss being her muses. Charlotte worked her magic and created her own beauty secrets, mixing and blending by hand concealers and lipsticks to create the perfect colours. 

Now after years of using these tips, tricks and secrets in the industry, she is revealing them and sharing them for the world to use as well. Charlotte has created the New! Super Nude Palette. “My NEW! SUPER NUDES are BACKSTAGE CLASSICS that I created for myself!! I have combined super FORGIVING, NEXT GENERATIONFORMULAS with PERFECT TONES THAT MIMIC NATURE & PLAY WITH LIGHT AND SHADE. THEY’RE SUPER NUDESFOR A SUPER YOU!!”

Charlotte knowns makeup, she knows that some brands make them too ashy, others too red, and the worst kind is when they are too green. All these flaws in makeup make you look unflattering, washed out, uneven and make you want to wash it off and start all over again. 

Having worked with models of all skin types and colours she has studied undertones and overtones allowing her to create a makeup that is wearable, flattering and matte and glowing that will stretch and flex on every complexion. “Darlings, I think of them as the ‘LITTLE BLACK DRESSES’ OF MAKEUP—they allow you to WINEVERYWHERE—from day to desk to dates to dreams!!”

The Super Nudes collection includes Super Nude Easy Eye Palette $72, Super Nude Duo Ended Eyeliner $35, The Super Nude Face Palette $95 and the Super Nude Lipstick $39. With all that you’ll be looking your best and feeling even better because as Charlotte says, “SUPER YOU IS ALL ABOUT LOOKING AND FEELING LIKE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF! THESE SUPER NUDES CHANGE YOUR FREQUENCY—No matter how you feel, when you put these on, you look and feel amazing!”

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Published by HOLR Magazine

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