Does Molly-Mae Hague have a BBL? Social media thinks so!

Social media accuses Molly-Mae, from Love Island, of getting a BBL after the star posted a video of herself reenacting the Saltburn dance scene.

Molly Mae BBL

As shown in this TikTok video posted to user @mollymaehague’s account, she’s recreating the Saltburn dance scene. She captions the video, “Saltbun Stan.”

Molly Mae BBL

Image Credit: @mollymaehague TikTok

After she posted the video, one of the top comments stated that, “The bbl is giving xx.”

Following this, other users also questioned if Molly-Mae had gotten a BBL.

According to these comments, social media is claiming that the reality star got a BBL, which is when a doctor transfers fat from your belly, hips, lower back, or thighs to your buttocks, as noted here.

Molly Mae Fillers

Molly-Mae has not addressed these BBL claims, but she has been open about how she has gotten fillers in the past. She also went viral for the photo below, where she had gotten filler in her face. She has since decided to dissolve her fillers, which was reported back in 2021.

Molly Mae Fillers

Image Credit: YouTube

Although Molly-Mae getting a BBL has not been confirmed or denied- it’s all a rumor at the moment- what are your thoughts on the now-viral video?

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