This babe can finesse an audience in the boldest outfits on-stage, so naturally, her off-stage style tops our charts as well.

 Dua Lipa‘s rise to a grounded and game-changing musician was fast and graceful. At the age of 22, she’s had a well-nurtured number one song for weeks at a time, while proving to the world that there is a lot more where New Rules came from. What we’re happy to discover is that it does not all boil down to music.

Dua Lipa may not GAF about you, but she sure does GAF about styling a subtle yet powerful outfit that could compete with the street style stars strutting through the streets of New York and Paris during robust fashion week.

Our favourite street style looks from our favourite songbird below.


Denim Trench and Mini Dress

Trust us, thrifting a bad ass denim trench coat will save your wardrobe. It is easy to style with pretty much anything. Evident by Dua’s contrast between a delicate dress and to die for chunky black boots.


Tracks and Off-Shoulders

Keep it interesting by unbuttoning the sides of your joggers and styling it with a pair of dainty sandals. Thanks Dua, we seriously would not have seen this wicked outfit anywhere else.


Grungy Hat and Dainty Dress

Who would’ve thought these two styles would be a match made in heaven. Contrasting feminine floral dress with all black accessories is a dissonant yet intriguing view.


Blazer Dress- Yes

If you don’t already have one in your closet, the time is officially up. A blazer dress is so simple to style and balances sleek and sexy with minimal effort. Uniquely shaped sunnies will differentiate the blazer dress trend.

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 Written by: Julia Shelton