It’s an early 2000s takeover with Meshki’s latest collection, and you will not want to miss out. This upcoming season, Meshki incorporates all things “fetch” as they embrace the alluring culture of the early 2000s. With this collection, Meshki brings a perfect mix of nostalgia and modernity that will make anyone feel like their living the glamorous side of life.

For the Meshki 2000s collection, Meshki created a video campaign that showcases the true dream of reliving the era that inspired this collection. Making references to early 2000 icons like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, the video campaign makes viewers feel as though they are living the fantasy of this era; the campaign video even includes social media star, Karla J!

The early 2000s was all about embracing your glamorous side through being your most confident self, and this collection channels this exact energy. Meshki compiled the best of the 2000s to create a collection filled with sexy, yet sleek clothing pieces for the ultimate babe. From velour sets to bedazzled crop tops to classic baby pink dresses, this collection will make you feel like a socialite living your best life. The “Billie” crop top is one of our personal faves of the collection, as it uses dainty bedazzled straps with diamante encrusted hearts and a form-fitting material that will look amazing on all body types. The “Billie” crop top comes in three colours, baby pink, black, and white, and retails for $53.00. Another one of our personal faves from the collection is the “Mallory” dress. This item is made with a luxurious satin material that features an elegant line of diamante underbust trim. The “Mallory” dress comes in baby pink, and black, and retails for $86.00.

Being mentally and physically prepared for the fall isn’t always easy, but getting dressed up, whether it be for a casual or fancy occasion, can instantly improve your mood. The Meshki 2000s collection embodies a sense of confidence that will make you feel your best self as you enter the new season. To learn more about Meshki and the 2000s collection, you can visit