Esha Gupta has shed light on her personal journey involving fertility treatments. The 2017 revelation of freezing her eggs has garnered attention, especially due to her candid discussion on the financial and emotional aspects of such decisions.

In an industry where public scrutiny often accompanies personal revelations, Esha Gupta’s openness about her fertility journey is refreshing. During a recent interview, she delved into the reasons behind her decision to freeze her eggs back in 2017, citing the high costs associated with the procedure at that time.

The actress highlighted the financial challenges she faced, emphasizing that egg freezing was not as accessible as it is today. Her decision reflects a broader societal discourse on reproductive rights and the evolving landscape of assisted reproductive technologies.

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In an interview with Etimes the actor also shared insights on love, marriage, and the prospect of starting a family with her boyfriend, Spanish entrepreneur Manuel Campos Guallar. She said- “I did my freezing in 2017, before I met Manuel. I was very smart.”

Additionally, she also said- “I did the freezing at that time when in India it was really expensive. But I was certain that when it comes to health – anything. These (the eggs) are my kids. I’d rather freeze them when I’m healthy.” (also here)

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Esha also shared the story on her Instagram:

It was Esha’s aunt who suggested that the actor, known for her debut in the crime thriller “Jannat 2” (2012), freeze her eggs while she is healthy.
Esha further revealed that when she and Manuel marry, they plan to have children either through IVF or surrogacy, depending on the timing of their marriage and her health status. The couple, who have been together for nearly five years, are considering their options for starting a family.
Esha Gupta’s revelation about freezing her eggs in 2017 and her discussion on surrogacy and IVF offers a glimpse into the personal journey of a Bollywood actress navigating fertility decisions. By sharing her story with honesty and vulnerability, Gupta contributes to a broader conversation on reproductive rights and choices.

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