Every Name In Epstein Documents

The court in New York under Judge Loretta Preska has begun to unseal the Epstein documents from the trial between Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Giuffre. Since the release, there have been some surprising names within the documents like Noami Campbell, Cate Blanchett, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo Dicaprio and more. While these names were mentioned in the documents it is important to note that most of them were not implicated in any wrongdoing. View all the names in the Epstein documents below. We have categorized them based on who the individuals are.

Leonardo Dicaprio Epstein Documents

Celebrities on Epstein’s List

A lot of the celebrity names came up during the trial where defendant Johanna Sjoberg was testifying. Read on to see which celebrities were mentioned and how.

  1. Donald Trump – Trump’s name came up twice and so far he has been cleared of any wrongdoing. During Johanna’s time being questioned, she is asked if she ever massaged Donald Trump and she said no. Another time his name is mentioned is when Epstein said he would call up Trump to see if they can get one of the underage girls on his plane into his Casino in Atlanta. As per the testimony, they did not end up getting the underage girl into the casino.
  2. Naomi Campbell – Johanna testified that she never met Naomi Campbell when asked. Naomi’s name does come up again when the lawyer asks when the defendant had sex with a large hotel chain owner in France and she confirms it was around the time of Naomi Campbell’s birthday party.
  3. David Copperfield – The defendant says that she did observe David Copperfield as a friend of Epstein’s. She also noted that Copperfield did ask her if she was aware that “girls were paid to find other girls.”
  4. Leonardo Dicaprio – When asked if the defendant had met Leonardo Dicaprio she said no.  The only other time his name is mentioned is that the defendant said that when she massaged Epstein he would be on the phone a lot and would name-drop during it and say that he just got off the phone with Leonardo Dicaprio or Cate Blanchett and other celebrity names.
  5. Cameron Diaz – The defendant confirms that she never met Cameron Diaz.
  6. Bruce Willis – Was also mentioned as one of the names that Jeffrey Epstein name dropped during a massage but the defendant had never met him.

Epstein List of Names in Unsealed Documents

Political Figures:

  • Bill Clinton, former US president
  • Al Gore, former US vice president under Bill Clinton
  • Ehud Barak, former Israeli prime minister
  • Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico
  • Les Wexner, founder of L Brands and a former business partner of Epstein


  • Prince Andrew, second son of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

Entertainers and Celebrities:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and film producer
  • Michael Jackson, musician known as the “King of Pop”
  • Kevin Spacey, actor
  • George Lucas, film director and creator of the Star Wars saga
  • Cate Blanchett, Australian actor
  • Naomi Campbell, British model
  • Cameron Diaz, actor
  • Bruce Willis, actor
  • Glenn Dubin, American hedge fund manager

Legal and Investigative Figures:

  • John Connelly, New York police detective turned investigative journalist who investigated Epstein
  • Alan Dershowitz, lawyer who represented Epstein in 2006
  • Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI
  • Detective Joe Recarey, investigated reports of sexual abuse against children by Epstein
  • Chief Michael Reiter, responsible for investigation of sexual abuse against children by Epstein
  • Vicky Ward, investigative journalist and author

Individuals Allegedly Associated with Epstein and Defendants:

  • Jean Luc Brunel, French model agency boss and alleged Epstein co-conspirator who died in an apparent suicide
  • Jo Jo Fontanella, Epstein’s butler
  • Joanna Sjoberg, claims she was sexually abused while underage by Epstein and alleged Prince Andrew involvement
  • Nadia Marcinkova, alleged friend of Epstein’s
  • Haley Robson, named as a “teen recruiter” for Epstein in police documents
  • Dave Rodgers, private jet pilot for Epstein
  • Alfredo Rodriquez, butler at Epstein’s Florida home
  • Johanna Sjoberg, claims she was sexually abused while underage by Epstein
  • Virginia Roberts Giuffre, accuser of Prince Andrew
  • Lynn Miller, mother of Virginia Roberts
  • Lynn Roberts, Virginia Roberts’ relative
  • Sky Roberts, Virginia Roberts’ relative
  • Kimblerley Roberts, Virginia Roberts’ relative

Medical Figures:

  • Dr Mona Devansean, treated Virginia Roberts
  • Dr Chris Donahue, treated Virginia Roberts
  • Dr Carol Hayek, treated Virginia Roberts
  • Dr John Harris, treated Virginia Roberts
  • Dr Karen Kutikoff, treated Virginia Roberts
  • Dr Judith Lightfoot, treated Virginia Roberts
  • Dr Darshanee Majaliyana, treated Virginia Roberts
  • Dr Wah Wah, treated Virginia Roberts

Miscellaneous Roles:

  • Marvin Minsky, artificial intelligence pioneer
  • Fredrick Fekkai, celebrity hairstylist
  • Bob Meister
  • Peter Listerman
  • Wendy Leigh, author
  • Joe Pagano
  • Forest Sawyer
  • Mark Zeff, New York decorator

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