The Toronto-based brand is known as a home for moto enthusiasts and we’re breaking down all the reasons why. Plus, what to expect when registering as a member of the highly-anticipated Member Lounge.

Flying Squirrel Motorcycle Co. is a community of like-minded riders that share a passion for two wheels. The brand is known for being a home for moto enthusiasts, offering everything from memberships to apparel to gear and so much more. 

No matter the style of bike, or way of life, we are bound by the principle of respect, and gratitude to be spending our days riding! 

That’s Flying Squirrel Motorcycle’s motto. 

When it comes to riding, Flying Squirrel has it all, which is why we’re breaking down the brand’s mission, offerings, and what to expect when becoming a member. We also chatted with one of the owners, Alex de Cartier, to get an exclusive look at how the brand started and all of the exciting things to look forward to in 2023.

flying squirrel motorcycle

Flying Squirrel Owner, Alex de Cartier wearing Belstaff. Flying Squirrel Motorcycle is Ontario’s exclusive retailer of Belstaff products.

Owner Alex de Cartier Chats Flying Squirrel Motorcycle’s Misson 

As soon as you walk into Flying Squirrel Motorcycle’s Toronto location at 1345 Queen St. E, you are greeted with walls of stylish apparel and gear and what looks to be a motorcycle showroom- which is actually a space to store members’ bikes.

“This building used to be a garage and spray booth for an auto body shop. We took it over a few years ago, gutted it, and cleaned it up. Within the space, we store members’ bikes, there’s a coffee roaster and cafe, and a lounge that is under construction,” says one of the owners, Alex de Cartier.

flying squirrel motorcycle

When asked how Flying Squirrel Morotcye came to be, Alex stated, “A group of us got together and decided that we wanted to have a location for motorcyclists in Toronto. We wanted to bring a sense of community to the space so our goal is to curate special events and create a destination for people to come and hang out.” 

During the beginning stages of Flying Squirrel Motorcycle, Alex and the team had various ideas about how to bring the brand to life. When asked about how past endeavors got the brand to where it is today, Alex had this to say:

“This is our motorcycle space- in the past, we’ve done storage, service, t-shirts, hats, etc. to generate an audience. Our goal was to create a membership base to create a sense of community.”

flying squirrel motorcycle

Passionate about the latest concept of Flying Squirrel Motorcycle coming to life, Alex gave HOLR the inside scoop into what the team’s vision for the brand entails as well as their plans for the upcoming members’ lounge: 

“For the member’s lounge, we want to keep it like a club and host fun events like Bourbon nights, Cigar nights, etc. It’s about building a community. We want people to feel like they have a home here,” remarks Alex. “We have members’ bikes that we store, we have a member’s lounge that is currently underway in the back, and the whole idea is to have a group of people that are excited about motorcycles. We create events, we do retail- it’s a whole world here!”

flying squirrel motorcycle

Flying Squirrel Motorcycle’s Highly Anticipated Members’ Lounge

Flying Squirrel is on a mission to unite riders, in which the brand offers unique membership packages for anyone- yes anyone- interested in becoming a part of the Members Lounge (opening on January 5, 2023). The membership lounge is not just for riders- this is a space for anyone and everyone to enjoy and features everything- from a place to hang out and store your bike, to a coffee bar, to a space to host fun events, it’s the place to be.

flying squirrel motorcycle

The perks of becoming a member are endless. Members can enjoy coffee beverage privileges from OMNIA Coffee Roasters- the best in the east- when becoming a member of Flying Squirrel Motorcycle. They also have 24/7 access to lounge space, various store discounts, members-only social activities, and so much more.

The Flying Squirrel Moto Lounge Toronto is located in the heart of the city and currently offers two membership options. The best part? Membership is now open, with subscriptions starting early next year in January 2023.

Option 1: The MOTO Membership

In order to register for the MOTO Membership, you must complete steps 1 and 2 of the process outlined on the website here.

LIMITED 50 MEMBERS – The ‘MOTO’ Membership Includes:

Year-Round Bike Storage for one Bike, with 365 Access, 24 / 7 Club Lounge Access / Honour Bar, Limited Club Merchandise Package, 25% Store Merchandise Discount, Club Events / Social Activities, Lounge Guest Privileges Year-Round, Spouse is included with Membership, Coffee Beverage Privilege from Omnia Coffee Roasters

Option 2: The Club Membership 

To register for the Club membership, you must complete two separate steps outlined here.

The ‘CLUB’ Membership Includes:

24 / 7 Club Lounge Access / Honour Bar, Limited Club Merchandise Package, 20% Store Merchandise Discount, Club Events / Social Activities, 20 Annual Lounge Guest Passes, Coffee Beverage Privileges from Omnia Coffee Roasters, Individuals Only

flying squirrel motorcycle

Shop Flying Squirrel Motorcycle’s selection of apparel, gear, and more

Flying Squirrel Motorcycle offers a curated collection of stylish, classic, and functional apparel and gear designed to complement you and your ride. In addition to their own brand- Flying Squirrel- you can also shop from a selection of must-have products from top brands such as Belstaff and Pig and Hen.

flying squirrel motorcycle

All of these brands- and more- can be found in-store at the brick-and-mortar location in Toronto, and online through the brand’s official website here

Apparel and Gear

Flying Squirrel Motorcycle is a one-stop shop for all of your riding necessities, in which you can now shop the brand’s exclusive selection of apparel options from Flying Squirrel, Belstaff, Pig and Hen- and more! We’ve rounded up a few of HOLR’s top picks to add to cart below.

flying squirrel motorcycle

Flying Squirrel

The brand’s own collection of apparel and accessories is stylish and functional in design. Show your love for this local Toronto-based community and shop our fave HOLR picks from Flying Squirrel:

flying squirrel motorcycle

This Flying Squirrel logo t-shirt is perfect for layering. Available in multiple colorways, it’s a must-have whenever and wherever you’re riding. It’s also great for lounging in! 

The Flying Squirrel Wallet with Chain is an elevated everyday essential. It’s a hand-stitched black polish-milled leather wallet that features a braided leather wallet chain and the brand’s iconic Flying Squirrel logo in gold.

flying squirrel motorcycle

You can also shop the exclusive Flying Squirrel Motorcycle brand in other apparel and accessory options such as hoodies, beanies, trucker hats, and more here.


Known for its durable collection of designer, heritage clothing, Flying Squirrel Motorcycle is actually the exclusive retailer of Belstaff products in Ontario. This means that you can’t shop this brand anywhere else in the province. New to Belstaff? Check out the brand in motion in this video.

So, what do we recommend? These are HOLR’s top picks from Belstaff- available at Flying Squirrel Motorcycle- below:

flying squirrel motorcycle

This Belstaff Brooklands Motorcycle Jacket in Antique Black features the classic Brooklands style and is crafted from heritage, hand-waxed leather with Belstaff’s exclusive artisanal finishing. Durable and functional in design, this jacket is a must-have for riding in style.

flying squirrel motorcycle

This Belstaff Long Way Up Jacket is specially designed with Gore-Tex Pro tri-layer laminate, to ensure protection from the elements making it the ultimate moto adventure jacket and perfect for riding. Highlights include super fabric and removable D3O armour throughout, in which there is also an antibacterial mesh lining that helps keep you feeling fresh. 

There are a ton of great Belstaff products to choose from to ensure a stylish ride from head to toe, so be sure to check out the brand’s curated selection of Belstaff must-haves here

flying squirrel motorcycle

Pig & Hen

Flying Squirrel Motorcycle will be updating its website with the latest Pig & Hen products shortly so be sure to stay tuned for the new drops! Pig & Hen features must-have products for any occasion- the brand produces handmade bracelets in Amsterdam for men that are designed to add the perfect finishing touch to any look. 

Check out some of HOLR’s top picks from the brand as we round up our faves to shop once available:

flying squirrel motorcycle

The BRONTIDE 4mm stack is everything you could want and more in a super edgy accessory. Featuring three distinct pieces this stack is a must-have to complete any outfit.

flying squirrel motorcycle

The MAD MATT SO – Turquoise bracelet is super versatile. Featuring a fun pop of colour, it’s the perfect addition to any look.

Be sure to visit Flying Squirrel Motorcycle’s website to shop more of the brand’s must-have styles once they drop! 


Flying Squirrel Motorcycle also has storage options for those interested in storing their bikes at the brand’s Toronto location.

You can also shop 2022-2023 storage options here.

Flying Squirrel Motorcycle Co.

Interested in learning more about Toronto’s ultimate moto enthusiast destination? Check out Flying Squirrel’s official website here

flying squirrel motorcycle

Featuring must-have apparel and gear to add to your collection, Flying Squirrel Motorcycle has it all. It’s also the place to be thanks to the brand’s latest Members’ Lounge- opening in early 2023- so don’t forget to visit the brand online or in-store to learn more about how to become a member today.

You can also check out the brand on Instagram here.

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