The TikTok- famous “Four Seasons Baby” is going viral online. 

HOLR breaks down why everyone can’t stop talking about this alleged “fully conscious” baby who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando.

Four Seasons Baby

A viral TikTok has been making its rounds on the platform- and has people talking. The original clip, posted by user @sobrizzle, has racked up over 34 million views since its debut just a few days ago.


If the @Four Seasons Hotels is looking for a baby ambassador my niece got you 😂🤣😂🤣😂

♬ original sound – Stefanie O’Brien

“I have a question for everybody,” Stefanie O’Brien asks the very young children in the viral video. “Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?” The baby then answers, “Me,” holding up a finger as they answer. This has sparked a widespread debate online with people talking about how this baby seems fully conscious about the question being asked despite being so young.

Fully Conscious Baby

This video has since gone viral on the platform in which other creators have come forward to address the clip and why the baby seems to be acting so consciously. Although there is no specific explanation for why the baby answered in this manner, one user- @juniperdivine- took to TikTok to claim that if you speak to a baby in a normal voice (and not a baby voice) the baby will allegedly learn faster- which could be in the instance in this case.


#fullyconsciousbaby #baby #teachingkids #4seasons #orlando #children

♬ original sound – 🥀Juniper🥀

“I’m not surprised that this baby acts like this,” claims the TikToker above. Again- there is no concrete evidence to explain the baby’s actions in this video but it has sparked a frenzy online.

What are your thoughts on the video and these claims?

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Image Credit: @sobrizzle TikTok, @juniperdivine TikTok

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