The Coronavirus Pandemic has shaped a new version of reality, including our methods of learning and teaching.

While the global pandemic has many downsides, it has also allowed us to explore the benefits of technological advancements and venture into other mediums to continue learning. Summer is the perfect time to sign up for virtual classes in order to pursue our passions or hone a new skill. 


These are some fun classes that you can sign up for this summer that communicate their course materials using appropriate online platforms:


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The primary reason to launch a successful project like the MasterClass was to inspire people to pursue their dreams regardless of the prejudices weighing them down. Educational institutions are run based on several different principles and are meant to follow a certain selection process that focuses people to comply in order to climb the ladder. However, MasterClass gives you access to learning from the most respected individuals in a distinct field. For example, Bobbi Brown teaches make-up and beauty, or Gordon Ramsay teaching the culinary arts, etc.

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Yet another platform that gives one access to an online community of like-minded learners to continue gaining knowledge from industry leaders and working professionals. They offer a wide range of courses that can aid in skill development and an added bonus to previously received understanding. Perhaps even give one a chance to comprehend information from distinguishable perspectives. 


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Home Ec 365 

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One of my personal favourites, Home Ec 365 has been introduced by the world-renowned Whole Foods Market. They break down the cooking process into simpler and easier steps for their students to follow. Furthermore, they focus not only on the art of cooking a delicious meal but also tasks such as cleaning kitchens, sharing proper ways to maintain kitchenware, maximum utilization of ingredients, most importantly- formulating a budget for grocery shopping!

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Although summer is about enjoyment and merriment, using it effectively will be advantageous in the long run. edX offers a multitude of courses from different prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, etc. These online courses can aid in deepening our understanding of different topics such as marketing, artificial intelligence, etc. edX offers us a chance to further develop interests and skills for a brighter future!

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These are only a few platforms that offer exciting virtual classes, be sure to check them out. Also, don’t forget to continue exploring different virtual classes to acquire a new skill this summer!