Gabrielle Richardson is a famous model,  her beautiful presence is captured everywhere from Vogue to Target. Gabrielle is one of the most versatile models on the scene right now working with brands like Addias, Gucci, American Eagle, etc. Gabrielle is not your ordinary model, she is also an activist. Gabrielle is a curator of Art Hoe Collective and founder of Brown Girl Butterfly Project. Gabrielle chats with us about her latest project with Pandora.

1) What has been your favourite part about shooting this campaign and the collaboration with Pandora?

I think my favourite part about shooting this campaign for Pandora was the amazing team they put together. Each person from styling to makeup to hair was so invested in creating the most beautiful final product. They were all amazing artists within their own field and they were committed to bringing that passion onto this project, and it was amazing to see that on a set down to the tiniest detail.

2) What is your favourite Pandora piece that you got to wear?

I think my favourite pandora pieces were the Pink Solitaire Huggie Hoop Earrings. I really was able to test out the adaptability of the pieces.  They were put in my hair and all along my ears, we also used one as a septum ring which I was very surprised by. Just realizing all the different ways to style the pieces to fit within my own personal look really opened my eyes to all the things that and I can be and using that as a tool for expression.

4) How did it feel working with the legendary Luke Gilford?

I was a bit nervous at first because I never met him before. But Luke is so kind and so talented and I really feel like we played off each other’s energies. The whole time I was shooting with Luke I felt super inspired and I feel like I work my best when I am inspired.

8) You are a curator of Art Hoe Collective. How important was it for you to create this platform? What has been the key focus and messaging of it?

The focus of Art Hoe Collective is making people feel validated within their art practice. So artists of color could feel like they have the capacity to create anything they want and be successful.

10) Pandora tweeted that this ad was about “self-expression”. The ad is prompting the theme of inclusivity. The modelling industry has been taking strides in including more body positivity and diversity but where would you like to see the industry head? From your perspective, how much work still needs to be done?

I think one of the greatest misconceptions about ‘doing the work’ or ‘getting work done’ is that it will ever be done. I think inclusivity is so nuanced, and we focus so much on the visual. Brands will use plus size models and won’t make plus sized clothes available for purchase, or they will use black models but not have any black people hired internally within their company. Representation and inclusion is important but as long as the insides match the outsides.

11)What have you found to be the most impactful practice for you in developing self-confidence?

I think self-confidence can be birthed out of self-acceptance. To be confident you have to accept yourself as who you are, your body, your hair, your smile. Confidence is from accepting the beautiful individuality of our imperfections.

12) Keeping with the message of inclusivity and self-expression you also founded “Brown Girl Butterfly Project”. What is your main goal for this project and what inspired you to start it?

My main goal is giving femmes of color the tools both mentally, physically and spiritually to be their best self.

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