You’re going on vacation! And in between planning your route, booking accommodation, clarifying your itinerary, you may realize you have a lot more to plan than you initially thought. But do not stress, we are here to help you with some handy tips to get you prepped for your upcoming vacation.

Unless you’re visiting a remote area, you can buy the most essential vacation items on your trip. But to be as prepared as possible, it is good to consider the following in order to pack correctly and plan accordingly

Know the weather

Do you know what the average temperatures are going to be like at your destination? It may seem obvious, but knowing which weather conditions you’ll be experiencing can help you plan your outfits in advance with more accuracy. This will help save on having to buy emergency items unexpectedly, as well as getting you into the mood of your trip as you imagine yourself enjoying your holiday activities. On that note – what are you going to be doing while you’re away? 

Get to know your destination area

Once your destination is decided – even if you haven’t secured your accommodation – you can start doing some research on which activities will keep you occupied on your trip. Knowing which activities you’ll be getting up to will influence your clothing choices and whether there is the gear you may need to buy beforehand. Though your plans are likely to change day-to-day, it is important that you have a good understanding of what you’re getting yourself in for. 

Consider your equipment carefully

Clothing and gear are great, but how are you planning on transporting all your vacation items? Some underestimate the impact that your travel equipment can have on your total vacation experience, with serious consequences. Finding the right backpack, for example, will be critical in your daily comfort while you’re on the move. Consider the following when selecting travel bags:


  • What are your weight limitations? This is especially crucial for flights.
  • Do you have size restrictions? Think about being on a train and traveling onboard airplanes with hand luggage.
  • Can you comfortably carry or transport your bags on your own?
  • Could your travel equipment impact your access to local transport?


Manage your expectations

Many people head on a trip anticipating a stress-free time in which they will relax, enjoy the outdoors and go on exciting excursions. However, there are certain aspects of traveling that are very stressful… It does not mean to say that your vacation will be demanding the entire time, but it is helpful to factor in some travel stress and adjust your expectations accordingly. 

What can also help when adjusting your mindset is to understand that many factors will influence your itinerary each day, here are some of the most common:


  • Energy and fatigue levels of the travelers
  • Mood or interest in the activity
  • Budgeting concerns (even poor financial planning)
  • Weather conditions
  • Unexpected events e.g. transport strikes, local emergencies 

Plan flexibly

What can assist you and those with who you’ll be traveling is to plan a schedule that has included different kinds of activities – consider budget, as well as the energy and time required to really enjoy it. Building ample options into your traveling schedule means there is more space for negotiation between travellers by having a greater selection of activities from which to choose.

palm tree's with a blue and pink sunset background

When planning for your trip, factor in how much traveling you will have to do on each day, as this will affect the energy levels of your fellow travelers. You definitely don’t want to spend the majority of your time jumping from place to place, so plan your route carefully by considering the time it’ll take to travel and how much there is to explore at your destination. 

Keep a great attitude!

While planning and preparing for your trip, it is essential that you carry through a positive outlook. As mentioned earlier, traveling can be stressful, but it is an exciting and even life-changing opportunity for you. Making the most out of your experience will be difficult during the more stressful periods of travel, but it will help you stay positive, find gratitude, keep you humble as you enter new cultures, and most of all, have you looking on the brighter side – always!

Keep your wits about you as you explore uncertain areas and come into contact with many strangers. But ultimately, you are going on vacation to have fun and enjoy this beautiful thing called life. Try not to be closed off to new experiences, especially if they seem out of your comfort zone. Being away from your home and those things which you think define you are extremely liberating – this is where you will learn the most about yourself. Enjoy every moment!


Published on Holr Magazine