Halloween is near and what better way to celebrate than to indulge in all things sweet! Try these six Halloween cookie recipes that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Halloween Cookie Recipes

Halloween Chocolate Filled Pumpkin Cookies

Recipe from The Scran Line

These super adorable pumpkin-shaped sandwich cookies will get you all giddy this spooky season! It’s soft, buttery and filled with chocolate goodness! This recipe used a hazelnut spread but you can substitute it with melted chocolate, ganache, or even jam! 

Dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Recipe from Simply Happy Foodie 

It’s dark, spooky and of course, chewy! Okay, I know that sounded wrong but these cookies are truly eerie looking! The dark chocolate was made possible by using a dark cocoa powder that looks almost black (it’s also commonly called ultra-dutch processed cocoa), dark chocolate chips, and espresso powder. If you love chocolate, then this cookie is for you! 

Halloween Cookie Recipes

Halloween Pinwheel Cookies
Photo Credit: The Simple Parent

Halloween Pinwheel Cookies

Recipe from The Simple Parent

These pinwheel cookies look like they came straight out of a Tim Burton movie which only means that it’s perfect for Halloween. Now, I know it looks complicated to make but it’s not that difficult. You can probably even make these with kids as a fun Halloween activity. The best part? You can change up the colours and use this recipe for any holiday (e.g. red and green pinwheels for Christmas!)

Slice and Bake Halloween Cookies

Recipe from Sugar Hero 

Tell me these cookies don’t look fun? These slice-and-bake Halloween cookies may be a little tedious to make but I assure you it’s all worth it! This specific recipe teaches you how to make a cookie with a black cat shape, but the process is all pretty much the same for any shape. My suggestion? Go crazy! 

Halloween Cookie Recipes

Eggless Spooky Witch Finger Cookies
Photo Credit: Archana’s Kitchen

Eggless Spooky Witch Finger Cookies

Recipe from Archana’s Kitchen

Okay, now THIS is scary. Almonds are used to make this finger cookie look super realistic. Add a dab of sweet fake blood (corn syrup and red food dye!) here and there and you’ve successfully scared your Halloween party guests (or trick or treaters). It’s also good to note that this recipe uses flax seed as an egg substitute.

Ghost Meringue Cookies

Recipe from Smart School House 

Possibly the most adorable Halloween treat! These ghost meringue cookies only need four ingredients and a bit of baker’s patience. But once you’ve nailed the meringue, you can make different ghosts shapes– fat and short or thin and long. The key is to think of Casper the Friendly Ghost whenever you make these cookies. Once the cookies are all cooled, it’s time to have fun creating ghostly faces! 

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