Hema Malini Heartwarming 75th Birthday Bash: A Family Affair with Hema Malini, Esha, and Ahana

Bollywood’s iconic Dream Girl, Hema Malini, celebrated her 75th birthday in grand style, surrounded by love, laughter, and a star-studded guest list. The celebration, held in Mumbai, was a testament to the timeless charm of the veteran actress. From feeding cake to Dharmendra to grooving to her own iconic songs, the evening was a spectacular journey through the life and legacy of the beloved actress.

Hema Malini’s 75th birthday celebration in Mumbai was a family affair, with her immediate family by her side on Monday. Surrounding her as she cut the birthday cake were her devoted husband, Dharmendra, and daughters Esha Deol and Ahana Deol. Ahana’s husband, Vaibhav Vohra, elegantly stood by in a black suit, joining the joyous festivities. The atmosphere was filled with cheers and applause as Hema Malini delicately cut into her birthday cake. In a heartwarming gesture, she fed the first piece to her beloved husband Dharmendra, and the celebration continued as Esha Deol followed suit, feeding her mother a delightful piece of cake. The intimate family gathering radiated love and happiness, creating cherished memories on this special milestone.

The highlight of the birthday bash was the heartwarming moment when Hema Malini cut her birthday cake, surrounded by her close-knit family. The evergreen couple, Hema and Dharmendra, shared a touching moment as she fed him the first piece of cake. The gesture spoke volumes about their enduring love and companionship, capturing the essence of a lifetime spent together.

Hema Malini looked absolutely radiant in an embroidered lavender saree, complemented by the sparkle of diamond jewelry that added an extra touch of elegance to her ensemble. Dharmendra, her ever-supportive husband, appeared dapper in a navy blue suit and tie, embodying sophistication at the celebration. Esha Deol embraced glamour in a shimmery yellow gown, showcasing her impeccable style, while Ahana Deol looked gracefully traditional in a saree, epitomizing timeless beauty at the star-studded affair. The diverse fashion choices of the family added to the visual spectacle of the event, creating a perfect blend of tradition and modernity in celebration of Hema Malini’s 75th birthday.

Dharmendra came from the US

In anticipation of her birthday, Hema Malini revealed in an interview with Hindustan Times that Dharmendra had made a special journey from the United States to be part of her birthday celebration.

Sending heartfelt wishes earlier in the day, Esha Deol shared two pictures with her mom, one capturing a sweet kiss on the cheek. Alongside the images, she penned a heartfelt message on Instagram. She wrote the caption- “Happy birthday mamma. Celebrating you today & forever.. a divine lady who lives life on her own terms with utmost grace & dignity.. a powerhouse.. A loving daughter & wife, compassionate mother, adorable grandmother, fantastic actor, graceful dancer, honest politician & the list can just go on & on … you are a force .. blessed by your parents, loved by the nation & adored by your husband, daughters & grandchildren. There can be only one Dream girl one Hemamalini.. stay blessed, happy, healthy & strong. I love you.” (also here)

The birthday bash was attended by the who’s who of Bollywood, adding glamour to the glittering event. The paparazzi captured candid moments of celebrities, friends, and family members joining in the festivities. The atmosphere was one of jubilation, with everyone coming together to celebrate the milestone birthday of a true cinematic legend.

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