Selling a house is never a simple experience, but when you really need to sell quickly, the process becomes inherently more stressful. Maybe you’re changing careers or are suddenly facing financial hardships. Whatever the case is, it is important that speed doesn’t control the entire process. Rushing the process could make you susceptible to accepting a lowball offer, thus sacrificing a chunk of your equity. Plus, you may end up second-guessing every decision and have regrets later on.

When you need to sell your house fast, the best practice is to explore all of your options before moving forward. Here’s a rapid-fire guide on what you can do to speed up the process.

What are my options when I need to sell my house fast?

There’s more than one way to sell a home. Some of the most favorable options when you need to sell quickly include:

●     Listing with an experienced real estate agent, who knows how to sell a house fast and for top dollar

●     Get a cash offer from quick-sale sites that specialize in distressed homes

●     Get a cash offer from a quick sale site that purchases non-distressed houses

●     If it is a money issue vs a moving issue, using a Sell and Stay buyer

Some of these options do take a little legwork and come with many risks. For example, if you sell your home at auction, you may not find a buyer who is willing to pay what your home is worth. Also, getting a cash offer may rob you of some of your equity, as buyers might take advantage of your desperation to sell quickly. This is why when you sell your house you should have a real estate agent on your side even if it is your desire to sell your house fast for cash.

The single best option to sell your home is to work with a real estate agent who can help you navigate the time-consuming challenges that come with real estate transactions. A real estate agent can help negotiate more favorable terms with a cash buyer or show you other paths to resolve your issue at hand.

The value of working with a top-rated real estate agent:

Using a real estate agent to sell your home is the traditional route that most homeowners take. But when you’re in a pinch and need to sell quickly, their experience can be invaluable. Understand a skilled and well-experienced real estate agent knows how to sell your home fast and for more than you goingat it alone. It is not every day you sell your home, so you are most likely not that skilled in selling high dollar ticket items where you stand to lose a lot if you make the wrong mistakes.


Selling your home is a complex transaction, one that takes an undefined amount of time in communication, negotiation, and paperwork. When you work with a real estate agent, most of this is outsourced to them so you can focus on getting ready to move. Skilled real estate agents know how to sell your home fast. They have access to the common well-known cash buyers, plus all of their cash buyers you are not aware of.


Also, agents can tap into their network of potential real estate cash buyers and other real estate agents to help you find the right buyer quickly. This is one of the many benefits of partnering with a reputable brokerage that already has an influx of leads they can send you. In fact, real estate data shows that agents sold homes in just 22 days (on average) in August 2020 – a major decrease from 11 weeks in 2012. The best real estate agents like James Sanson have been known to well-exceed the average days on market based on how he sells homes. He has nearly two decades of real estate experience, so when it comes to selling your house in Arizona either fast, for top dollar, or both, you should look at him as an option.


He and his team handles all the heavy lifting, from taking photos to helping you stage your home to handling the negotiations and coordinating the closing. They also handle negotiating the buyer’s wish for repairs done on your home. Skilled real estate agents can sell your house fast.

Two types of sell-my house-fast-companies out there:

If your house needs a good amount of repairs, you might be thinking of selling your house to a company that purchases distressed houses with cash offers. These potential buyers typically want to buy your house sharply below market value, because they have to do a lot of work to your house to bring it back to the market to sell your home fast and recoup their investment and make a fair profit.

There are fix-it-to-sell-it options when your house is in dire need of repairs when you are selling your house. They typically come in and do the repairs on your home to help you attract potential buyers who will pay top dollar. These companies commonly accept payment at the close of escrow for their work. This process clearly takes some time and they must come in and remodel and fix up your house for selling your home fast.

Besides potential buyers who buy distressed homes, there are buyers who will make a cash offer for your house when you want to sell it even if it needs limiting to no work. They are selling convenience, confidence, and peace of mind. The premium for this service is pretty costly. Make sure you have a real estate agent by your side when you want to sell.

Sell and Stay:

Sometimes a homeowner needs to sell their house fast because they need money quickly, and they cannot refinance their house the traditional way because of one thing or another. This is where a sell and stay program comes in. You will end up selling your house and then leasing it back from the buyer with an option to purchase it back or even having the house sold at the end to a different buyer who moves into it, so you can collect your remaining equity in the house.

Home selling done right will ask why are you selling, and dive in deep to each question with additional questions to help you discover what is the best way of selling your house. Find a skilled real estate agent when you feel you need to sell your house fast.

Quick tips to get your home sell-ready:

Part of selling your home quickly means having a home that’s ready for new owners. A clean and well-maintained home instills confidence in prospective buyers and can help make for an easy decision. Here are some of the ways you can speed up the process without investing thousands of dollars in repairs:

●     Declutter your home to make it appear more spacious

●     Clean up the yard

●     Replace the mailbox

●     Paint the front door

●     Do a deep clean of your home


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