Does Jess from the newest season of Netflix’s Love is Blind look like a Kardashian? HOLR breaks down the news.

Caution: The following contains spoilers from episodes 7-9 of Love is Blind on Netflix

According to a recent episode of Love is Blind, Jimmy admitted to seeing Jess on Instagram. In his conversation with his fiancé, Chelsea, Jimmy claimed that Jeramey showed his Jess’s Instagram and alleged that she looks like a “Kardashian” insinuating she physically looks like Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe.


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Jess From Love is Blind Season 6

In the heated conversation between Jimmy and Chelsea- which seemingly ended in a massive fight between the two- Chelsea asks Jimmy if he has seen Jess yet since the pods in which Jimmy admitted that Jeramey showed him her social media page.

Later on in the episode, we learn Jimmy sent Jess a friend request almost seemingly immediately after they got their devices back but allegedly withdrew his request 8 hours later. Jess contemplates what seeing Jimmy for the first time since the pods would do to her as she seemingly still has feelings for him. “I would be lying if I say I didn’t still get butterflies,” says Jess about their experiences in the pods and what Jimmy still means to her.

Jess also alleges that Jimmy’s exes seemingly look like her.

What are your thoughts on these claims made in recent episodes?

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