John Cena allegedly just joined OnlyFans. HOLR breaks it down.

John Cena Ricky Stanicky

Cena took to X- formerly known as Twitter- to share the news that he has officially joined OnlyFans.

John Cena OnlyFans

In the caption of his announcement tweet, he alleges that his OnlyFans is “like you’ve never seen me before.” He also is seemingly telling users that they can subscribe through the link he included in his X bio. It is unclear what exactly Cena will be sharing on OnlyFans, but there is currently some content up on his page.

According to this related article, the OnlyFans account was created for his character, Ricky Stanicky. Ricky Stanicky is a new comedy/drama set to be released in March 2024 starring Cena. As noted in the related article, the movie will also include Zac Efron, Andrew Santino, and Anja Savcic. So, is this all for marketing the latest film? It very well could be.

What are your thoughts on this new tweet from John Cena claiming he is now on OnlyFans?

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Image Credits: @JohnCena X