Kajol, renowned for her unfiltered and authentic personality, has always been celebrated by fans for her carefree approach to life.

Unapologetically herself, she navigates the world with a spirit that resonates with many. This quality, admired by her fans, has set her apart in the film industry. Even in her relationships with co-stars, Kajol is known to share genuine bonds, and one such bond is with Kareena Kapoor Khan.

The camaraderie between Kajol and Kareena was evident during a recent round table interview, where the two actresses, along with other industry stalwarts like Sidharth Malhotra, shared the stage. However, the friendly banter took an unexpected turn when Kareena Kapoor Khan, perhaps inadvertently, made an unwanted revelation about Kajol.

It is worth noting that Kajol and Kareena Kapoor Khan have a history of working together, with Kareena portraying Kajol’s younger sister in the iconic film, “Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Ghum.” The revelation made by Kareena seemed to cross an unspoken boundary, prompting an uncharacteristic response from Kajol.

Known for her no-nonsense attitude, Kajol swiftly ordered Kareena Kapoor Khan to ‘shut up’ in response to the revelation. This candid reaction not only showcased Kajol’s trademark unfiltered persona but also underlined her commitment to maintaining a certain level of privacy, even in the public eye.

The incident, though unexpected, sheds light on the genuine and unscripted nature of Kajol’s interactions. It reinforces the fact that, despite the glamorous facade of the film industry, Kajol remains true to herself and doesn’t hesitate to set boundaries when it comes to personal matters.

Fans of Kajol have rallied behind her, applauding her for standing her ground and asserting herself in the face of unexpected revelations. The incident, now making waves in the media, adds another chapter to Kajol’s reputation as a Bollywood icon who not only mesmerizes audiences on screen but also captivates them with her unfiltered and unapologetic off-screen persona.

Kareena revealed that Kajol is the worst driver in history, and the actress asked her to shut up. ” Because you do have road rage. Kajol, I do know you have road rage. In the 90s, she was the worst driver in history.” Kajol asked Bebo to shut, as she assumed she was the only one who knew driving at that time. Kajol added,” Out of everybody on this table, I am probably the only one who drives also, so let’s leave it at that.” (here)

This light-hearted banter not only reflects the camaraderie between the two actresses but also highlights Kajol’s genuine and unapologetic attitude in the industry. Their friendship, built over the years, offers fans a nostalgic journey, especially for those who fondly remember their roles in “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” (K3G). The banter is a delightful reminder of the authentic connections that thrive amidst the glitz and glamour of Bollywood.

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