Check out Kartik Aaryan showcasing his physique as he runs in a langot in the first poster of the upcoming film “Chandu Champion.”

Kartik Aaryan’s portrayal in ‘Chandu Champion’ marks a departure from his previous roles, as he undergoes a remarkable physical transformation to embody the essence of his character.”

On Wednesday, Kartik Aaryan took to Instagram to unveil the first poster of his upcoming movie “Chandu Champion.” The poster features Kartik running, clad in a red langot, with his body drenched in sweat and mud, highlighting his chiseled physique and prominent abs.
The actor’s toned abs and muscular frame take center stage as he exudes determination while sprinting, hinting at the high-octane energy and adrenaline-pumping action awaiting audiences.  Sharing the poster he used the caption-  “Champion aa raha hai (is coming)… super excited and proud to share the first poster of the most challenging and special film of my career.”


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Kartik recently shared an amusing anecdote about his plans to unveil the poster for “Chandu Champion,” revealing that they were thwarted by his mischievous pet dog, Katori. Taking to Instagram, the actor posted a video capturing the hilarious moment when he chased after Katori, who was seen playfully tearing down the film’s poster.


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Directed by Kabir Khan, “Chandu Champion” is a cinematic adaptation of an extraordinary real-life sportsman’s journey, characterized by his indomitable spirit. Kartik Aaryan steps into the shoes of the titular character, Chandu, for whom he underwent a remarkable transformation to authentically portray the role in “Chandu Champion.”

According to a source close to the film, Kartik dedicated 14 months to mastering the Marathi dialect for his role in “Chandu Champion.” With the guidance of a language coach, he diligently honed his linguistic skills to ensure authenticity in his portrayal. Kartik initially unveiled the first look of the movie in August last year. In the captivating image, he sported a blazer with short hair, exuding intensity, and bore marks of injury on his face, offering a glimpse into the rugged journey of his character, Chandu.

Audiences can mark their calendars as “Chandu Champion” is scheduled to hit theaters on June 14, 2024, promising an exhilarating cinematic experience.

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