With Halloween just passed, it may be the sweetest time of year but it can also be the scariest. According to some studies, kids can consume up to 3 cups of sugar or, in some cases, 7,000 calories (equivalent to 3 Big Macs) on Halloween night! An excess of sweetened candy and refined sugars can ultimately have negative side effects on your body and health- now that’s what I call a scary story.

If you have a sweet tooth but can’t stand the scary repercussions of sugar try these sugar-free snacks. They’ll be sure to help you kick sugar to the curb.

Smart Sweets Candy

I’m sure you’ve seen these confectionary goodies all over IG but did you know each bag of candy only contains 3-5g of sugar? You can now snack guilt-free on your fave sweets because the ingredients are free from added sugar and artificial sweeteners, naturally flavoured, packed with plant-based fibre and free from sugar alcohols. The entire line is insanely delicious but the peach rings are a must-try! 

Nud fud Snacks

Nud fud snacks is a Toronto-based company that was created by a Holistic Nutritionist. The best part about Nudfud is that they are deeply committed to providing high-quality products with minimal impact on the environment, that almost anyone can eat- regardless of dietary restrictions. Most of their products are vegan, paleo and organic. Try the chocolate covered chewy bananas to satisfy your sweet craving or the everything crackers if you feel like indulging in something savoury.

Evolved Chocolate

All Evolved products are vegan and contain no animal products since the company proudly adheres to the principles of evolutionary nutrition, using natural, organic, and nutrient-dense ingredients in their confections. You can find a variety of different chocolate combinations on their website but be sure to give the cashew cookie dough filled bar a try- it won’t disappoint!

Next time you’re in the mood for something sweet give any of the above snacks a try. Now you can indulge without the consequences, all year long!