Nothing says “Fall Fashion” like a classic men’s leather coat or jacket. Palaleather, an expert in designing and fashioning men’s quality clothing, makes its coats and jackets from the finest Italian goatskin or sheepskin. Their leathers are tanned with a vegetable solution to retain the leather’s original condition in an environmentally-friendly way. You’ll know you have a Palaleather coat when you open the jacket and inhale its natural leather smell.

Palaleather was founded in China during the Qing dynasty in the 1890s when a designer named Mr. Yang devised some revolutionary designs to capitalize on the budding fashion interests emerging in the Chinese people. Using his innovative techniques, Mr. Yang transformed the conventional clothing designs of the day. He began by sewing golden and silver lines onto mandarin jackets. He also began using floral fabrics for ladies’ Chinese-style dresses. These changes gained national attention, and his clothing company became a local leader in the fashion industry.

Mr. Yang’s Chinese company grew and remained popular in that country until 1953 when local events overshadowed its growth. However, in 2002, Mr. Yang’s descendants suggested re-introducing the company to the world fashion stage. A sixth-generation descendant of Mr. Yang named Mr. Lianzhen Yang had his own fashion design company in Italy. So, the family entrusted him with reviving the legacy of Mr. Yang.

Palaleather now invites you to take a look at five of their currently best-selling leather coats and jackets from the New Fall & Winter Collection.

1. Black Leather Trench Coat Men’s Hooded Leather Duster Coat 

Black Leather Trench Coat Mens Hooded Leather Duster Coat

This sleek black leather trench coat will convey the epitome of “suave.” The coat is made of genuine glossy black leather. It has a silver-plated zipper and a comforting pull-tie hood. It also features a soft, 100% cotton lining and filling. There are two roomy side pockets and two interior pockets. (2)

2. Men’s Suede Leather Jacket Cafe Racer Jacket 

You’ll make your presence known wherever you wear this jaunty, waist-length jacket. It is made with dark, 100% coffee-colored suede leather. It’s perfect for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. It has a 100% cotton lining and filling. There are two side pockets and two interior pockets. (5)

3. Brown Classic 2-Button Suede Leather Blazer 

You’ll be all business in this elegant, coffee-brown suede leather blazer. It’s also upscale enough to be paired with a pair of dress pants and worn to a wedding or other important event. Its classic V-neck will reveal the rest of your business attire with flair, and the blazer will hug your hips. It’s made of 100% suede leather with cotton lining and filling. It has two patch pockets on its sides and two interior pockets. (3)

4. Black Biker Rider Rocker Plaid Leather Motorcycle Jacket 

Black Biker Rider Rocker Plaid Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This is a significant step above the classic black leather “biker” jacket. The 100% sheepskin leather jacket will swagger along with you as you exude its bold, modern attitude. This black-on-black plaid jacket has a turn-down collar, chest slant pockets, and zippered pockets on its sides. Its slim-fit design will give you just the look you want to portray. Both filling and lining are 100% cotton. (1)

5. Burgundy Red Crocodile Textured Genuine Leather Jacket Coat 

This long, slim-fit jacket has a true panache. Everyone who sees you in this burgundy 100% goatskin leather jacket will admire its glossy faux-crocodile texture. But don’t let its texture fool you; it’s soft to the touch, lined, and filled with cotton. This jacket has zipped pockets on both sides and two interior pockets. (4)

Palaleather is currently offering a coupon for $25 off any of these selections. The coupon can be accessed by going to their website (please see a link to all choices below.)

All of Palaleather’s beautifully crafted leather coats or jackets are available in sizes from small to 3X, or upon your request, Palaleather will make your coat or jacket in a custom size. All their clothing is handmade and comes with a lifetime guarantee. All coats and jackets are dry clean only. Their coats and jackets will include free delivery, and there is a 7-day free return policy as well. All their coats or jackets can also be personalized with custom embroidery. Contact them with any questions at

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