Fashion Group International presents The Art of Fashion. The vibrant event with a guest-list of prominent members of Toronto’s Art society explores the intersections of art, fashion, experimentation, and creative design. A flawless execution, from the models walking around the rooftop in wearable art to the canvases of contemporary art, brightening every corner of the room, to the live paintings taking place! Guests were fully immersed into an imaginative space and got to interact with the featured artists, designers, and illustrators who created the work- It was the place to be on a Friday night. 

Photo Gallery By George Pimentel

Fashion Group International

Meet The Fashion Designers 

Marina Billinghurst, artist, fashion designer, and female entrepreneur also made an appearance. Her artwork fills the room, from her watercolor canvases to her gorgeous silk kimonos worn by models. 

Picture of Artist Marina Billinghurst (on the right). Both women wearing the artist’s silk kimonos.

Beckie Dileo, fashion illustrator,  artist  and arts ed creative director also made an appearance. Who was doing on-site portraits of attendees.

Madaleine Nelson was another textile print designer present. Models, as well as guests who happen to be huge fans of her work, were draped in her spirited womenswear collection that features an array of bright colors. 

Pamela Shainhouse- A consultant on the inclusivity within fashion left. On the right, a woman wearing a design by feature artist Madaleine Nelson.

Fashion Designer Ali Haider was a hit at the party with his different looks, as they push the bounds of form and function. 

Fashion Group International

Fashion Designer Ali Haider with his collection

Padina Bondar, the creator of the ‘garbage gown,” with her head-turning design. Pandina plays with sustainability and gender fluidity in her unique pieces. 

Fashion Group International

Garbage Gown

Greet The Artists 

Art By Amer SM is a contemporary artist also based in Toronto. At the event, people got to see up close Amer’s fresh take on pop culture today. He is featuring a multitude of cultural icons in his work. 

Rons Creative is an artist heavily influenced by Andy Warhol. His work helped set the tone of the Art of Fashion with canvases featuring fun flashbacks of the glamorous Marilyn Monroe. 

Rons Creative

Peter Triantos Art Gallery, was also being featured. His splashing paint technique, gestural brushstrokes, and liberal use of impasto, Triantos produces large-scale impactful works that are bold, visually striking, and tender. 

Peter Triantos doing a live painting

Jessica Gorlicky’s work was also a sight to see. Jessica’s chic urban style and live, colorful creations have resonated with city socialites and hipsters for the past decade-this was no different than the party. 

Work by Jessica Gorlicky- Standing Left

Photos To Remember

If you were lucky, you might have rubbed shoulders with Canada’s most renowned celebrity photographer George Pimentel, who was present in the crowd taking shots of the event. As well as Jack Hathaway, fashion videographer recognizable from Toronto fashion week, and Supermodel Canada Search.

Vanja Vasic, Founder of Fashion Art Toronto

It’s a Wrap 

Fashion Group International is the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion, beauty, and design. You could feel the excitement as soon as you walked through the door. Guest speaker, Vanja Vasic, Founder of Fashion Art Toronto, helped guests feel welcomed and talked about the importance of giving back by supporting our artists in the community. Regional Director Klaudia Zinaty-Capalbo  of FGI also shared her vision to lead a team of incredible industry professionals that will ultimately elevate, educate, and empower our arts sector. This charming event was hosted by Lavelle, while Jennifer Rabanillo, the Creative Event Producer & Founder of Styleworthy⁣, helped coordinate the logistics.  Jennifer is also an active member of Toronto’s community of female entrepreneurs.

Regional Director Klaudia Zinaty-Capalbo of FGI

Expand Your Reach

So if you’re looking to increase your visibility in the competitive arts business, start by connecting with fashion-leaders and decision-makers. look into becoming a Fashion Group International member.  Get yourself on the list for some of the hottest industry parties in the entertainment sector, 

fashion group international

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