Traditionally, weddings were big celebrations with family, extended family, friends, and friends of friends. But nowadays, more people are opting for smaller, intimate weddings to declare their love for their partner. It has to be said, there’s something meaningful about a smaller wedding and its value has only increased over time. So, whether you’re considering a smaller or “micro” wedding to save money or simply because you appreciate the focus being on the bride and groom rather than the guests, here are some intimate wedding tips to help you plan yours. 

Narrow Down the Guest List

The whole point of a smaller ceremony is a smaller guest list. You want fewer mouths to feed and less small talk. You need to start your wedding plans by narrowing down the guest list. Determine who you really want to be there with on your special day. This elite guest list should be notified well in advance to give them time to free their schedule. 


Give Yourself Sufficient Time to Plan

Invitations are not the only thing that requires forward planning, you also need sufficient time to iron out all the wedding details. This will ensure you find the right location that’s as small and intimate as you want it to be. You also want enough time to find the bride’s dress and make any alterations needed. Most smaller weddings don’t opt for many bridesmaids and groomsmen, but if they do, their dress code isn’t as particular as larger weddings. You may not have the time or budget to design or select specific bridesmaid gowns. Instead, they choose a color scheme they would like the people in the ceremony to follow. 


List Your Must-Haves

The great thing about having a micro-wedding is that you get to decide which traditional aspects you want to keep and which ones you don’t need. List what you must have at your wedding such as a band, photographer, or flowers. This can help you gauge where to splurge and where to save. 


Determine What’s Convenient 

Many people choose to have an intimate wedding because it’s more convenient than stressing over big plans and making sure every detail is taken care of. In the case of a larger wedding, many consider hiring a wedding coordinator to take on the heavy load. If this is in your smaller wedding budget, you can still consider these services as they will help you stick to your original idea. Invariably, convenience does matter as it predicts your state of mind throughout the planning process. That said, you do need to consider what’s convenient for your guests. For instance, if you are planning a destination wedding, you’ll need to consider their accommodation. 

For intimate ceremonies, you can look into venues abroad that have on-site accommodation or package deals. However, as explained by the realtors at Mansion Rentals in Miami, convenience does not mean you have to compromise on luxury. Some of the most luxurious rentals are the most intimate. So, consider making room in your budget for this type of experience that will last a weekend and will have your guests feeling special too.  

Think Outside the Box

A non-traditional wedding means you get to think outside the box. Perhaps your idea of an intimate wedding is for you and your partner to elope with one or two witnesses. In this case, you can throw a party afterward to share the experience with your friends. Another tip that’s growing in popularity is to have pre and post-wedding events for guests to attend.  


Keep it Personal

You don’t need to spend a large amount of your budget on all the decor. In fact, the great thing about a smaller wedding is that it’s not guest-focused, so you don’t need to worry about what they would deem appropriate. Keep it personal and stick to wedding decor that you care about. Why spend money on table ornaments when you can instead put the money towards a whiskey bar or something else you and your future spouse love. 


Have a Set of Rules

The key to a small wedding is stating clear rules to keep it as intimate as possible. These rules are entirely up to you. You can ask your guests to refrain from sharing the event on social media and hold out on posting photos. You get to decide how you want your day to go.

People love an intimate wedding and for good reason. It’s a surefire way to ensure you enjoy the moment and are relaxed on your special day. Too many people don’t get to enjoy their special day because they are so preoccupied with making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves, but you can’t please everybody. So follow these tips and put your and your partner’s needs first. 

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