In a recent twist that has left Bollywood fans and netizens alike scratching their heads, renowned Indian actor Ranveer Singh and adult film star Johnny Sins were featured together in an advertisement produced by Tanmay Bhat’s agency.

The unexpected pairing has sparked a flurry of reactions across social media platforms, with many questioning the rationale behind such a collaboration.
The advertisement, which has since gone viral, features Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins promoting a product in what appears to be a light-hearted and humorous manner. While Singh is a household name in India, known for his dynamic performances in mainstream Bollywood films, Sins is primarily recognized for his work in the adult entertainment industry. The stark contrast in their professional backgrounds has undoubtedly raised eyebrows and ignited a debate about the boundaries of celebrity endorsements and the ethics of brand representation.

Who created this viral sensation?

The viral ad’s creation is credited to Moonshot Media, an advertising agency co-owned by stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhat and former head writer of All India Bakchod, Devaiah Bopanna. Collaborating with their former AIB colleague Vishal Dayama, alongside Puneet Chadha and Deep Joshi, the ad is co-written. Ayappa KM takes the director’s helm.

What’s the ad?

The ad serves as a comical parody of a typical Indian TV drama, with the entire cast, including Ranveer and Sins, dressed in traditional attire. Ranveer is depicted wearing a maroon kurta and sporting long hair, while Sins also embraces the traditional look in a kurta. The storyline revolves around a woman complaining to Ranveer about his on-screen brother, portrayed by Sins, who grapples with erectile dysfunction.

Since Ranveer posted the ad online here, it has been trending across the internet, drawing reactions from both fans and members of the film industry.

It remains to be seen how this advertising stunt will ultimately be received by the public and whether it will have any lasting repercussions for those involved. In the fast-paced world of entertainment and marketing, where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, only time will tell whether the decision to pair Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins in a commercial venture was a stroke of genius or a misstep of epic proportions.

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Image Credit: @ranveersingh and Instagram