Vacationing is always taking new forms. The traveller sect of the world, driven by wanderlust, is constantly in the hunt of new ways to travel and live in budget-friendly accommodations with the everyday comforts that are needed. 

Vacation trends such as green vacations, budget-friendly vacations, backpacking, and others have been popular among travellers. Another such trending idea that is becoming popular throughout the world is to choose vacation rentals as the accommodation choice while travelling. 

Whether you are traveling to a budget-friendly location like Malaysia, or Vietnam, or planning a vacation to expensive cities and towns such as New York, Dallas, etc. choosing vacation rentals can benefit you in many ways. 

For instance, if you are traveling to Dallas, we recommend opting for rental apartments in Dallas TX over staying in hotels. Why? We believe the below-listed reasons can answer that for you: 

It will save you big money 

Vacation rentals are a budget-friendly means of accommodation. When you compare the prices of a vacation rental with that of a hotel, you will realize that the difference is huge. It is big enough to make you a question –why splurge all my money on a hotel when I can choose a vacation rental instead and use my money elsewhere? 

You can explore a variety of vacation rentals on the internet. Check their location, price, overall condition, etc., and you will spot the right one for a comfortable stay. 

It is a great choice for a long-term stay 

If you are taking an extended vacation with your friends or family, choosing a vacation rental over a hotel is the best idea. Staying in the hotel for a long time, say over a week, will cost you a fortune. But this is not the case with vacation rentals. You can further negotiate with the service provider and score the vacation apartment at a discounted price. 

Vacation rentals are a larger property than a hotel. You do not get to stay within a limited space. You can book a rental apartment of any size and ensure a hassle-free stay which doesn’t make your long-term accommodation monotonous. 

You can explore a plethora of amenities 

Another plus point of saying a yes to vacation rentals over hotels is that you get to enjoy a multitude of amenities. Like the hotels, vacation rentals extend all sorts of amenities such as laundry, housekeeping, air-conditioned rooms, well-decorated lounge, etc. Vacation apartments also include a dedicated kitchen space in which you can cook yourself. 

Also, if you have booked a vacation rental such as a villa or a large vacation apartment, you can make the most of luxurious amenities such as a private pool, jacuzzi, balcony, garden, gym area, gazebo, etc. Hotels do not provide these luxurious amenities to every guest.

It is the best option for a large group of travellers 

Booking a vacation rental such as a serviced apartment, independent home, and others provides the biggest space solution if you are traveling with a large group of people. There are no limitations. All your friends or family members can accommodate themselves comfortably in the apartment and enjoy a happy stay with each other. 

Booking a vacation rental is highly recommended if you are traveling with your kids. Your little ones can play freely throughout the apartment. Another plus point, some vacation rentals are pet-friendly; you can bring your pets too. 

You can enjoy privacy and safety 

Vacation rentals are all about ensuring privacy and safety for all the guests. You do not have to pass through the common lobby every time you enter the apartment. You can enjoy your own space and privacy for the longest time. 

Safety has become one of the biggest concerns after Covid. Vacation rentals are a safe option for accommodation. You can rest assured about the Covid precautions as well as your personal and the group’s safety. 


The popularity of vacation rentals has changed the definition of how people used to stay during their vacation. The increasing penchant of people for vacation rentals is worth the hype. Thus, next time you plan a vacation, you know where to stay! 

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