It’s not a crime if you forget you even have a roof, statistically speaking a lot of people look past it and focus on other parts of their homes. But unfortunately, this doesn’t stop damages from happening, and sometimes, due to the lack of attention, the damages get so bad you are debating to get a new roof! But before you jump into making such a big and costly decision, it’s better to understand the situation you are in. So, what to choose when your roof is damaged – repair or replace?

Type of Damage

A lot of people simply forget about their roof and don’t even think that the damages are possible until it gets bad. Thankfully, a lot of roof-related damages are quite easily repairable, if spotted on time! One of the most common ones is water damage, caused by a leaking roof – this can impact not just the roof, but your attic and the rooms under it as well. In other cases, you might be experiencing debris and fallen tiles around your home, caused by multiple things – environment, old age of the roof, basically anything! So it’s important to diagnose how bad the damage really is, and if it can be repaired rather than replaced!

Repairing Your Roof

Roof repairs are pretty common, as damages can happen all the time, the roof is exposed to nature and different weather conditions all the time, the damage is almost inevitable! Missing tiles can easily be replaced and filled in, whilst the mold and fungus can be removed as well! Repairing your roof is dast, easy and inexpensive, but it will only be a smart choice if your roof is in good condition, to begin with, being relatively new. Unless you’ll just have to get regular repairs down the line – it all depends on your situation, so think about it twice before making the final decision!

Replacing your Roof

If your home is pretty old, and you’ve basically never made any changes to your roof, you might want to consider replacing it, especially if you already noticed the damages creeping in. On the other hand, your roof doesn’t even have to be that old, but the harsh weather conditions in your location might be a large factor in why you might be experiencing your roof being damaged all the time. Repairs are a no-go in that case, as you’ll just have to keep repairing it on a regular basis. But there are permanent changes you can make that will be more durable and efficient down the line, for instance, metal roofing is popular in Portland due to its durability and low maintenance. Even if changing your roof entirely is a big investment, you might be saving money in the long run by doing so!

A Mix of Both

If for whatever reason you can’t decide whether or not to repair or fully replace your roof, regardless if it’s because of your budget or lack of time on your hands – there is a third option that might suit your needs. You can always go with the partial reroofing route instead! If the damage is on the heavier side, but only impacts a part of your roof – you can get ways with reroofing only one part of the roof instead of replacing the whole thing, especially if the roof isn’t as old, so you don’t have to spend additional money and let the good side of the roof go to waste. The only thing you need to worry about is blending the new roof with the older one – making sure that the tiles are the same shade, so the repair isn’t as obvious!

Depending on your Budget

Lastly, you need to think about your financial situation first before you decide anything. Roof replacement can be pretty expensive, but at the same time, if you invest in a new roof now you’ll be set for a few years, instead of getting repairs on a regular basis. Make sure you take a look at your budget before making such a large investment. And see your options, different types of materials you’ll need, and what sort will work best for your situation – and last you as long as possible!


Basically, if your roof isn’t completely falling apart, you still have some time to decide if you want to completely demolish it and get a new one or just repair the damaged bits. Make sure you put into consideration every little detail, from your finances, to how much will a new roof save you money in the long run and how much will a small repair cost you less. It all depends on your situation and how severe is the damage to begin with. Regardless, make sure you put your safety first, above all else!

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