S Club ‘Good Times’ Tour 2023.

S Club 7 member Paul Cattermole honoured by his bandmates with new ‘Good Times’ tour.

And it’s both sweet and heartbreaking all at once because it’s been a rough year for the remaining band members.

s club 7 reunion

Credit Image: Jo O’Meara Instagram

But the remaining members have pushed through the loss, instead drew comfort from the presence of their friend.

Because it was still their 25th anniversary, right?

In fact, they have done it in the most remarkable way.

The original ‘S Club’ tour, although stretching to 2024, has been rebranded as the ‘Good Times’ because it was the song that Paul sang lead vocals on.

Do you feel that? that tug on your heartstrings?

But there’s more.

Sitting with E!News journalist, Francesca Bradley McIntosh explained the moment they feel his presence.

“The first thing you hear when the lights go down is his voice.”

“There’s a song called ‘The Good Times’ that he sung, and it’d be his voice with some really beautiful music underneath and it just sets the scene.”

Bradley admits that it even gets him emotional most nights and you can’t help but feel for all of them.

Remembering Paul Cattermole.

No matter how devastated Paul’s bandmates are, there is a genuine beauty in the backdrop they’ve set for the shows.

s club 7 in happier times

Credit Image: Instagram

“During the show, there was a segment where he actually performed that song on the big screen,” Bradley revealed.

“And it would be lots of little clips of us from back in the day or clips of us from the TV show and behind the scenes and just us goofing around and just seeing Paul the way we remember Paul.”

And Bradley is not the only one.

Watch Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Jo O’Meara and Rachel Stevens talk about honouring Paul Cattermole.

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