One of the biggest obstacles for students nowadays is academic writing. Being able to write term papers and essays that are acceptable doesn’t come easy or naturally to many students. There is a lot of pressure to get it right when it comes to academic papers.

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Most times, being among the best essay writers doesn’t come naturally, and it might take a lot of time to learn and develop this skill. Fortunately, when you make an effort to become an excellent writer, you will notice significant improvement both in and out of class.

Not only do you have to make sure that your paper is well-written, but you also need to ensure that it is free of any grammatical or spelling errors, such as papers by the best essay writers online. Learning how to communicate your ideas through written work is a necessary skill. It will be instrumental while in college and even afterward.

If you’re struggling with academic writing, you’re not alone. Many students have difficulties handling this task and instead pay for essay papers online. However, there are several ways to make the process a lot easier and improve your writing skills. Here are some of the best apps for anyone wishing to improve their academic writing.

1. Grammarly

This app is undoubtedly one of the best academic writing tools and is applicable to Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. Grammarly helps by highlighting common grammatical mistakes and offering suggestions. It also provides an alternate vocabulary for certain words in your essays. It is by far the best application for suggesting corrections and edits for enhanced writing.

It is also instrumental whenever you are trying to catch minor mistakes, which is vital in creating high-quality written work like a professional essay writer. The basic version of Grammarly is free, with a premium version offering more features. The premium version costs $12.00 monthly and is even better than Microsoft’s spelling checker, one of the best checkers.

Some of the features in the advanced Grammarly version include word choice suggestions, plagiarism proof, contextual spell-check, etc. If you intend to improve your academic writing skills, this is one of your best bets.

2. Hemingway Editor

No one is born an excellent writer. Hemingway is a perfect tool for polishing your writing and making it easier to read if you want to create strong yet straightforward sentences. This app analyses your text and highlights text which is overly complicated to read. It also offers suggestions on rewording specific sentences to make them simpler.

This is an excellent tool for those who want to improve their clarity and conciseness in writing, just like a professional essay writer. Using Hemingway can help you write more clearly and concisely, which is essential in academic writing. It uses different colors to highlight extremely dense, long, or too complex sentences. The Hemingway Editor also spots difficult words and unnecessary adverbs that should be eliminated.

The app is free and has a paid version with more features. It is highly recommended by writing experts for writers wishing to present their ideas in the most precise format. Using Hemingway will ultimately help your work rank better. The app is available on Windows PC and Mac, with single-click integrations with any WordPress Blog and Medium.

3. Concise Oxford Thesaurus

While Hemingway helps you make your sentences simpler, the Concise Oxford Thesaurus goes further by helping you choose the most appropriate word for different contexts. It is crucial when finding other alternatives for words as well as discovering new ones. This is an excellent tool for any academic essay writer who wishes to expand their vocabulary.

The Concise Oxford Thesaurus has thousands of word options and phrases and one million+ synonyms. It is an invaluable tool for writers who want to make their work more precise and enhance their writing style. The thesaurus is available in both print and digital versions. The app costs $24.99 and is available on Android and iOS devices.

And if, in addition to this and the rest of the tools listed in this article, you decide to get help from a professional academic writing service, be sure to use this DoMyEssay promo code.

4. Evernote

Evernote is an excellent tool for organizing ideas and tracking research work from students and essay writers. It allows you to create digital notebooks where you can store different web pages, images, notes, etc. Sharing your notebooks with other Evernote users and collaborating on projects is also possible. This tool is excellent for academic writers wishing to keep track of their ideas and research.

Evernote is available in both a free and premium version. The premium version costs $7.99 per month. It offers more features, including increased storage, offline access, and password-protected notes. However, the free version is still compelling and should suffice for most academic writers.

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5. Google Docs

Google Docs is a free online word processing application offering more features and is comparable to Microsoft Word. It is an excellent tool for academic writers wishing to create and edit their work online to the level of other essay writers from the best writing service. Google Docs also allows users to collaborate with others in real-time. This is very useful when undertaking group projects.

One of the best Google Docs features is automatically saving work as it is typed. This is very useful to prevent lost work due to accidental closures or power outages. Google Docs also offers numerous templates that you can use for different types of academic writing assignments.

To Sum Up

These are just a few excellent tools to help you with your academic writing. These five can help you improve your work’s clarity, conciseness, and precision. They can also help you to grow your vocabulary and keep track of your ideas and research. Using them will help you write better academic papers and become a better essay writer.

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