Recently, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, known for his quick wit and charm, delivered a befitting reply to a troll who took issue with his upcoming projects, Jawan and Pathaan.

The incident unfolded on one of Shah Rukh Khan’s social media platforms, where a troll attempted to criticize the actor’s choice of films. Instead of ignoring the comment or responding with anger, Khan showcased his trademark sense of humor and replied, “You need to be treated for constipation.”

Shah Rukh Khan brought his trademark humor to another #AskSrk session on X (formerly Twitter) where he engaged with fans. From sharing insights about The Archies premiere with his family to teasing details about his upcoming film Dunki, SRK was at his witty best. What stood out was his amusing responses to users attempting to troll the film, showcasing his ability to turn negativity into humor. In a social media landscape often marred by trolling, Shah Rukh Khan’s lighthearted approach sets a classy example for navigating the online world.

SRK wrote- “Because #Dunkitrailer aaya hai….Archies release pe hai….and I am just so happy and laid back. A few moments with you all of fun and funny answers. Let’s do #AskSrk” A fan asked him, “What is the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned throughout your journey in the film industry and life in general?” To this, he replied, “There is nothing more beautiful than your own family and friends.” When another fan asked whether there will be any Punjabi dialogues by him in Dunki, Shah Rukh said, “Not too many I don’t speak it too well so have left that part to @taapsee and #Vicky they are brilliant.” (also noted here)

When a user attempted to mock the film and took shots at Shah Rukh’s previous two projects, Pathaan and Jawan, the Bollywood icon had a fitting and witty response. The user wrote: “Due to your highly effective and efficient PR team last two t*tti movies of your became a blockbuster.. do you still have faith in your PR and marketing team that #Dunki will also become a hit and will be a another golden t*tti from #Bollywood #AskSrk.” Shah Rukh wrote in response: “Normally I don’t answer amazingly intelligent people like you. But in your case I am making an exception because I feel you need to be treated for constipation. Will tell my PR team to send you some golden medicines…hope u recover soon.”

Shah Rukh also responded to a fan inquiring about daughter Suhana Khan’s debut in The Archies. Attending the film’s premiere in Mumbai alongside wife Gauri Khan, son Aryaan Khan, and AbRam, when asked about the experience of witnessing Suhana’s debut, the star shared his sentiments and said- “It’s lovely to see your children grown up and starting to work hard.”

Dunki is hailed as a “heart-warming tale of four friends and their quest to reach foreign shores, depicting the challenging yet transformative journey they embark on to realize their dreams.” Scheduled for a cinematic release on December 21, the film adds an extra touch of festive cheer, hitting theaters on the occasion of Christmas.

Published by HOLR Magazine.