These Marc Anthony hair care products and tips are the secret to healthy, happy hair!

When it comes to growing and maintaining healthy locks, it can seem like a daunting task. Now, you can say goodbye to your hair woes and hello to the healthiest, happiest hair of your life with the help of Marc Anthony. Not only does the brand have an array of products that are perfect for all hair types, but there are also unique collections within the range that cater to certain hair specialties. For instance, you can shop the brand’s latest loves such as; Repair Bond + Rescuplex, Strictly Curls, Grow Long, and Complete Colour Care, among others.

Keep reading because we’re breaking down all of the best hair care tips and habits to keep top of mind when growing and maintaining your healthy locks, plus, all of the reasons why Marc Anthony is your go-to brand for the best hair EVER!

All About Marc Anthony

Rooted in salon heritage, Marc Anthony features premium, fool-proof products that are easily accessible and made affordable at great prices.  These products are superior when it comes to formulation and performance, as they are crafted to nourish, hydrate, and protect hair from the inside, out.

Simple Lifestyle and Hair Care Tips

Although a healthy, balanced diet can definitely aid in the journey of maintaining healthy hair, there are also some habits you can adopt to ensure you don’t lose what you grow – while also helping to reduce any breakage or hair damage in the process.

Nourish the scalp with rosemary

Rosemary oil is a great ingredient to potentially help stimulate growth at the hair follicle.

Marc Anthony Grow Long™ Scalp & Hair Serum,

In fact, the NEW Marc Anthony Grow Long™ Scalp & Hair Serum, is a rosemary-infused serum that promotes hair strength and length by reducing breakage starting at the root. We love that it also feels super lightweight when applied and features a caffeine, biotin, and ginseng conditioning blend.

Less shampooing, more hydrating

Shampooing daily can actually strip your scalp of its natural oils which is what we don’t want! This can cause the hair to look and feel more broken and dry. Try to shampoo your hair two to three times per week. This gives your natural oils a chance to rehydrate and repair themselves.

Marc Anthony Coconut & Shea Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment

For a boost of extra hydration, the Marc Anthony Coconut & Shea Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment is perfect for softening and strengthening hair. This treatment is specially formulated to protect hair from moisture loss and improves the look and feel of dry and damaged hair.

Comb – don’t brush – wet hair  

Opt for a wide-tooth comb when brushing out your hair because it can be gentler on your locks. Then, to ensure hair stays hydrated, apply a leave-in conditioner just like the Marc Anthony Grow Long™ Super Fast Strength Leave-In Conditioner when detangling and combing through any wet hair.

Marc Anthony Grow Long™ Super Fast Strength Leave-In Conditioner

You can also apply a serum, like Marc Anthony Repair Bond +Rescuplex™ Nourish & Protect Serum, to strengthen and hydrate the hair- which will be beneficial when styling. If you continually invest in and use products designed to help maintain your hair’s health, it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Marc Anthony Repair Bond +Rescuplex™ Nourish & Protect Serum

Try adding a hair-healthy vitamin to your self-care routine and sleep on silk

Hair-friendly supplements- in addition to a well-balanced diet- will help to strengthen hair from the inside, out. Try looking out for multivitamins that feature Biotin, Vitamin A and C, and Zinc. These can help to contribute to locks that are healthier and shinier in look and feel.

Silk pillowcases are amazing for your hair! This is the ultimate final step to ensure healthy, happy hair because it will help rid the hair of any tangles, breakage, and/or damage while you’re sleeping.

Trust us- these simple, easy lifestyle changes and products can make all the difference when it comes to your hair health! 

Published by HOLR Magazine.