Our New Year resolutions usually revolve around discipline, fitness goals, career etc. But what about the place we live in? The year is new for the house as well, right? Then why take a resolution to spruce up its decor for the year? The same 4 walls can appear so different by implementing some changes. Read on to know what are they are:


Get creative with the available space 

Now this one gives you the freedom to experiment. There are many things that you can do to make even the smallest of spaces appear spacious. 


Paint it Light!
Give a makeover to your walls! Go for a light color scheme if you want your living space to keep complimenting the trendy and modern furniture you own and appear spacious at the same time.


Rearrange your furniture
Those pieces, yes, the one you are sitting or leaning on while reading this are apparently bored. Move them a little or re-arrange your old or modern furniture and you will be surprised to see what transformation it can bring to your interiors.


Decorate your walls with posters
Get your posters framed or put them on the wall using masking tape. Yes, masking tape it should be, you don’t want your walls to get tainted. Posters with quirky one-liners or modern art can add a millennial appeal to your room, so go for it. 

Fairy lights, dreamy indeed
Use fairy lights to outline the mirror in your room. You can also use them in the corner that lacks decoration and light. The silhouettes around your modern furniture will add another dimension to your space.


Turn your home into a fragrant spa
Start using diffusers or incensed candles inside your home to uplift your mood and calm your nerves after a tiring day at work, college or school. Yes, it is possible. Use fragrances and spice up your bathing area to relax yourself and have that quality time with yourself without spending loads of money.

Refurbish old stuff
Turn the old pieces into modern furniture that aligns with your taste and complements your living space; get innovative and save money!


Go green
Bring in plants to zhuzh your place up. The plants will complement your modern furniture like BFFs. Plus, the added benefit — that they will purify the air you breathe inside your abode.

Stop dumping, start thinking
The biodegradable waste produced at home can be used as manure for your plants and can save many bucks. Don’t differentiate between your old and modern furniture. That old chair or stool lying in the corner might just add an element to your living area if you give it a thought, it might just add that antique touch that you have always wanted.

Change your lighting scheme
Open your windows, didn’t really consider that, did you? Try to incorporate lamps that align with your modern decor and furniture. Use mood lighting, chandeliers to add to the royal appeal of your house.

Your piece of modern furniture might not be the only thing that stays put and doesn’t move; drop the laziness already and add spark to the beautiful place called home. Here’s to hoping that it helps. 


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