Fashion can be an expensive love affair. You invest in so many pieces with diverse styles and trends, sometimes with luxurious brands and hefty price tags. Although you might feel guilty about splurging and breaking the bank, you tell yourself it’s okay because you deserve it. And it’s all true. Not until you find yourself with pending bills to settle and you suddenly realize you have to change your shopping habits.

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An effective way to express your uniqueness and personality is through the way you dress up. However, with practical solutions and spending strategies, you don’t have to drain your savings account just to validate your fashionable self. The key is to evaluate the way you shop, stop impulsive purchases and practice the pointers that will be discussed in this article.

Try out the following tips and tricks to look your best while sticking to a budget:

1. Purchase Preloved Clothing 

Gone are the days when people used to have a flawed notion about using secondhand clothing. With people being more aware of sustainability, many men and women are more open to ideas of buying preloved clothes. In fact, there are now a plethora of online marketplaces that sell pre-owned designer clothes. Used clothing sales have become incredibly popular, creating a chance for shoppers to decrease environmental impacts and support the use of secondhand stuff. 

When you buy secondhand clothing, you reuse the clothes that someone else previously wore. By considering their quality, condition, and price, you’ll realize how productive and practical this habit really is. Like shopping for brand-new clothes, there’s really no limit when buying secondhand clothes. And if you’re lucky, you can purchase rare items and expensive branded clothes at low prices.

You can save a considerable amount of money by buying used clothing. The previous owner may have to sell them at low prices since they no longer provide value for them. As you purchase these secondhand clothes, you can afford more pieces and enjoy their luxurious brands in almost-new condition.  

2. Create A Capsule Wardrobe 

One of the current trends in fashion is to build a capsule wardrobe. This means that you need to spruce up your closet by owning versatile clothing pieces that allow you to mix and match to come up with various outfits. This is also somewhat related to a minimalistic approach. The purpose here is to own only the basics and essential wardrobe pieces that you actually use and wear. 

An effective capsule wardrobe consists of a combination of essential pieces mixed with seasonal or trendy accents. There are ways to update your capsule wardrobe for each season. The first thing to do for this project is audit what you currently have. Get rid of or sell the things you no longer wear and retain those you think you’ll be wearing in the coming months. 

Ensure to have every staple clothing piece in a capsule wardrobe, such as a denim jacket, plain shirts, jeans, trousers, leather jacket, cardigan, white sneakers, and a few more staples. Assess your personal style and stick to those clothes that express who you really are. Eventually, you’ll realize that owning a capsule wardrobe is more effective than crowding your closet with clothes you’ve bought out of impulse and don’t plan on wearing because of several reasons. 

3. Go Thrift Shopping 

You probably love shopping, but one way to remain fashionable without drowning in debt is to change how you shop. Through thrift shopping, you’ll find exceptional items that are within your budget. 

Some of the surefire ways to go thrift shopping are visiting outlet stores or waiting for huge sales during the end of a season. Depending on your city, some shopping stores and malls may hold nationwide sales to get rid of their old stocks and inventories. So, you better watch out for those schedules.

4. Subscribe To Newsletters And Get Notified For Coupons And Sales 

Another essential tip in looking great within the budget is to subscribe to email listings so you can be notified when there are coupons available. Setting up sales notifications and checking for coupons are great ways to save money on fashion. This is very effective if you opt for online shopping. Having coupons to earn discounts allows you to get the best value for your money.

A great way to prevent overspending on items you want, but cannot afford right now, is to set up sale notifications. When the time comes that they’re on sale, you’ll be quickly notified. Some online stores also hold marketing promotions and special offers to their subscribers, so be keen to check your inbox for their announcements. The key to maximizing savings in online shopping is to be smart and apply your research abilities and resources. 


By following the tips mentioned above, you can have an impressive and fashionable wardrobe on a budget. Knowing some tips and tricks to be a savvy shopper can go a long way in saving on your purchases. The key is to consider buying preloved designer clothes, creating a capsule wardrobe, going thrift shopping, and subscribing to your favorite brand’s newsletters. 

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