The most wonderful time of the year is here: Boots season! 

Styling Tall Boots For Fall

Please don’t get me wrong, I love summer and I love wearing strappy sandals as much as the next person, but boots are a whole different vibe. Tall boots, specifically, give off this alluring yet bold attitude making it a statement piece on its own. Last fall, we saw knee-high boots round up the street style celebrity circle, earning it the It shoes of the season. This time, it’s a no-brainer that it will be the same. 

As we are starting to get into the fall season, and the weather is starting to be the appropriate climate for boots again, I listed some ways you can style your tall boots this fall! 

Styling Tall Boots For Fall

Photo Credit: @Discodaydream

Little Black Dress and Boyfriend Blazer Combo

The LBD plus oversized blazer works well with the addition of tall boots. This combination is a play on length and silhouette. The contrast between short and long, baggy and fit makes this style look so chic. The dress does not have to be black, of course. You can use different colours and textures like a white satin dress paired with a large wool blazer and leather tall boots. Another variation of this style is by doing a pop of colour. The ‘pop’ can come from the dress itself. Wear a vibrant short dress under an oversized neutral tone blazer, and paired with boots of the same colour. The vibrancy of the dress will pop as it meekly peeks through the large blazer. Or you can use the boots as the pop of colour by wearing non-black boots like white, sand brown, burgundy, or even bright red! The bolder the better!

Styling Tall Boots For Fall

Photo Credit: Reese Blutstein / @double3xposure

Sweater Weather

Similar to the first style mentioned above, this style uses tall boots to enhance the legs. Pair your favourite pair of knee-high boots with a skirt, a button-down shirt, and top it off with a sweater. The sweater can come in the form of a loose jumper or a patterned sweater vest.

As an example, style influencer Reese Blutstein is wearing a black sweater on top of a printed button-down shirt and a white pleated skirt. The neutral colours make way for the prints in the shirt to come alive, and the size of the collar gives structure to the rest of the outfit; especially in contrast to the shapeless crew neck. 

Styling Tall Boots For Fall

Photo Credit: Jenny Walton / @jennymwalton

Long and Longer 

The smartest way to wear dresses in fall and winter is by wearing a maxi dress. For fall, wear your tall boots with maxi long-sleeved dresses. This style especially works if the colours of the dress and boots are complementary. For example, the dress can be beige or off-white while the boots can be dark brown. 

You can also style your tall boots by wearing them with a knee-length skirt. Fashion illustrator and designer, Jenny Walton styled her tan knee-highs with a knee-length plaid skirt, making this an elevated business attire to wear in the office. 

If boots are not your thing, check out this article where we listed trendy shoes to buy this fall!

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