Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were extra sweet during the Chiefs vs Ravens game. Check out their sweeter moments!

Taylor Swift Boyfriend

According to this TikTok video posted by user @travis_tayl0r, the pair had some super moments captured during the Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens game, in which the Chiefs won and secured their spot in the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII.

IMAGE CREDIT: @travis_tayl0r TikTok

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce

In the video, there is footage of the pair kissing and embracing after the Chiefs’ win. It is also alleged that you can see Swift tell Kelce, “I love you.”

She also reportedly told him that she had the best view of him during the game.

IMAGE CREDIT: @travis_tayl0r TikTok

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Mom

The two look very much in love as they hug and smile at one another. Swift can even be seen embracing Kelce’s mom while on the field. She looked very supportive as she cheered on her man as he waved to the crowd.

IMAGE CREDIT: @travis_tayl0r TikTok

It was also reported that Swift wore a bracelet with the letters “TNT” to reference Travis and Taylor. Her Mejuri ring is also symbolic of her reportedly sending good luck to her man and his team. It looks like it worked as the Chiefs will be playing in this year’s Super Bowl!

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